Waiting for the arrival of Vision and other heroes

Waiting for the arrival of Vision and other heroes

This article contains spoilers for Fortnite X Marvel: War Zero #1 and #2, available now from Marvel Comics.

the course Fortnite x Marvel: War Zero The miniseries (by Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, Sean Parsons, Sergio Davila, Edgar Delgado, Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) sees Fortnite’s hero team, the Seven, coming into contact with some of the heroes more famous. in the Marvel library and teaming up to defeat their common enemy: the Imagined Order. The comic’s cast, however, goes beyond what the Marvel characters feature in the game, which could point to some skins being added to the game in the coming months and beyond.

The story of Fortnite x Marvel: War Zero Issue #1 is told primarily through flashback, with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man narrating to Wolverine the adventures he’s had with the Seven in the Fortnite video game property universe. It explains who the Imagined Order villains are, what threat they pose to the multiverse, and the various events that have occurred so far in the video game’s history, including the defeat of Galactus that occurred during a previous Marvel-themed season of Fortnite.

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To defeat the Imagined Order, Spider-Man and the Seven devise a plan to bring more heroes from their world into Fortnite to increase their chances of victory. Spider-Man, along with Agent Jones and the Imagined, manage to make it to the main Marvel-616 Universe and are immediately met by Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, with whom the Imagined immediately begins a fight. Spider-Man talks the two out of the fight and asks Carol to call out the Avengers, each iteration naming the East Coast Avengers, the West Coast Avengers, the Secret Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, and the Avengers. Avengers Academy, noting how he’s not sure if all of those teams still exist.

Once the Avengers are assembled, Spider-Man sends most of them into the world of Fortnite, with him staying behind and asking Wolverine to join him on a special mission in the Marvel Universe-616. The first issue ends with Doctor Doom plotting alone, with the revelation that he will soon be joining the battle on the side of the Imagined Order.

Despite the dialogue from the comic, the team that Carol assembles for Peter is less an accumulation of all the Avengers teams and instead largely resembles the team of Marvel heroes already present in Fortnite, although there are some exceptions to this. Some characters that appear and have not yet been added to the game include Synthezoid Vision, speedster Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Marvel’s Batman analogue Kyle Richmond/Nighthawk, Maya Lopez/Echo, and King Namor of Atlantis. Meanwhile, the second issue has an extended section focused on the cast going to Wakanda and working alongside Shuri, another hero currently absent from the game.

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It’s hard to tell how many of these cameos are intentional sneak peeks at upcoming Fortnite content rather than simple cameos, likely meant to help the story feel like it’s actually part of the current Marvel-616 universe. The first issue’s cast is relatively large, and the variant covers depict even more heroes currently absent from the game, including Sam Wilson, Spider-Gwen, and many more. With the first two characters getting Zero’s comic-based outfits being Spider-Man and Wolverine, heroes who were already present in Fortnite with other designs, it’s hard to say what fans can expect next.

That said, several of these heroes are obvious candidates to enter Fortnite, regardless of their role in the comic. Marvel characters are often added to Fortnite to tie in with MCU shows and movies, which means Shuri, King Namor, and Echo already seem like likely future additions to the game. Hopefully more Marvel fans will be pleased with whoever comes to Fortnite next.

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