Fans Outraged After Mojang Removes Technoblade Tribute From Minecraft Launcher

Fans Outraged After Mojang Removes Technoblade Tribute From Minecraft Launcher

When Technoblade lost its battle with cancer in June 2022, the world collectively came together to mourn the loss of the one-of-a-kind creator. Poignant tributes of all kinds were shared, solidifying his legacy and importance as a creator and individual.

Technoblade was a staple in the Minecraft community and is one of the main reasons the game is as big as it is. His contributions are legendary and his skill set is unmatched. many within the Minecraft the community even feels that he is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, why the game had such a strong resurgence and growth in popularity.

Among the powerful tributes shared after the Minecraft passing stars was one of the creators of Minecraft themselves. Around June 2, 2022, Mojang edited his launcher artwork and added a crown to the pig located right next to Steve and Alex in honor of Technoblade’s signature animal.

Image via Mojang

Many hoped that the touching tribute to Technoblade would be in the launcher permanently or at least for a few months, but sadly it is not. Where a pig wearing Technoblade’s distinctive crown once sat, it is now a completely different banner promoting Minecraft Wild update.

Image via Mojang

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It’s understandable to change the launcher art to promote the update, but since there’s still a pig in the bottom left corner of this banner, it’s pretty surprising that Mojang didn’t at least transfer the tribute for the art change. In response to this change, fans took to Twitter to share their frustration and anger.

“THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE,” wrote a fan who also shared the hashtag “#MINECRAFTISOVERPARTY.” Since then, many other outraged fans have shared this hashtag while asking Mojang to add a Technoblade tribute to the launcher once again.

Another fan commented that the Minecraft The star should be put back on the launcher because it deserves to be there “after being one of the main reasons Minecraft was revived.” The same fan also pointed out that it hasn’t even been a month since Mojang added the tribute, but in reality it’s only been a few days over a month since Mojang added the tribute.

Another fan pointed out that the artwork that replaces the Technoblade tribute is actually an old artwork and that this makes the situation even more disturbing. This fan feels the change is random and was made “for no particular reason.” They feel that if Mojang felt a change was necessary, it would have made much more sense for him to replace it with new art rather than recycling old one.

Some fans have at least come across the “Technoblade never dies!” splash text on the Minecraft loading screen, but most of the community feel that this is not enough.

Another fan shared this sentiment when Mojang was asked to add a better reference to the Technoblade legacy for Minecraft. This fan feels that the “welcome text is not enough to convey his legacy”.

Whether Mojang will reinstate the old artwork or add a tribute to the new one remains to be seen. Regardless, fans are hoping that Mojang will reinstate some kind of tribute on the launcher and official artwork or even introduce some more permanent and grandiose change to the game itself, like giving players the ability to create a Technoblade pig in the game in a similar way to the famous Jeb the sheep trick.

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