How to bounce on 3 separate Crash Pads without landing

To bounce off three separate Crash Pads without landing in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, players can use either consumable or ambient Crash Pads.

Bounce off 3 separate Crash Pads without landing” is a week 9 quest in Fortnite Episode 3 Season 3, tasking participants with jumping on Crash Pads consecutively without touching the ground. Unprotected in the v21.30 update, Crash Pads are throwable items that can be deployed on a flat surface to produce a large inflatable trampoline. Jumping or landing on this inflatable trampoline will cause the player to be launched straight up into the air at Fortnite.

Fortnite fans can find Crash Pads as rare loot that spawns from chests, rare chests, supply drops, and floor loot. Up to six can be held at a time, making them easily accessible tools for quickly reaching high areas or avoiding fall damage. Crash Pads also have environmental variants that cannot be manipulated, but instead are fixed in set locations. Consequently, to complete the “Bounce off 3 separate Crash Pads without landing“search in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3players have the option of using deployable Crash Pads or Environmental Crash Pads to meet the challenge.


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First, players can find Crash Pads as random loot scattered throughout the game. Fortnite Battle royale island. After equipping them, throw one down to deploy the trampoline in an open area with plenty of room. Then jump to the first non-vaulted platform on Fortnite Chapter 3 and get used to the height of the bounce, understanding how far forward the player character can fall. Next, place two more appropriately spaced Crash Pads. Finally, jump over the first, bouncing from the second to the third. If done correctly, this feat should complete the challenge objective.

Bouncing off 3 separate Crash Pads in Fortnite

Bouncing off 3 separate Crash Pads in Fortnite

Alternatively, using Environmental Crash Pads to complete this Week 9 Quest in fortnite is a much easier method. These environmental variants can be found floating in the water around the Mighty Monument, to the east of the Sanctuary. After landing or reaching the location, swim to the platforms and jump out of the water onto one of the platforms. Bounce carefully from one to another; the easiest route is the row of three Crash Pads that starts near the southeastern shores of the Isle of Mighty Monument, where players removed the No Sweat signs on Fortnite. The exact location is on the north beach of the small unnamed nearby island. Beware of nearby hostile players, as the quest participant will be quite vulnerable when jumping from one trampoline to another.

Completing this Week 9 Quest will reward players with 15,000 XP, which can be used to progress the Battle Pass of Episode 3 Season 3. Players are also encouraged to complete the No Sweat summer event challenges for exclusive rewards and even more XP.

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