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Hello DFS eSports enthusiasts and welcome back to RotoBaller’s coverage of the Call of Duty DFS Contests for DraftKings! Today is the final DraftKings COD DFS roster for the season. It’s a sad day, but I just want to thank everyone who has read the articles throughout the season, either one or all! Yesterday was a bit of a weird day all 4 games went to game 5 with a couple of close calls including Game 5 round 11 for LAT beating Boston! Seattle, Optic and FaZe after achieving the reverse sweep won their first matches and moved on to the semifinals of the winner’s bracket. All losers go into the losers bracket and elimination games begin. Two teams will see their champions truncated. It all comes down to this…

This is easily one of my favorite sports to cover here at Rotoballer because I play a lot of COD myself and like to think I’m pretty good at it too. I’ve been following the COD League for about five years now and I can finally put all this knowledge to the test! We start the morning with the London Royal Ravens taking on the NYSL, then we have the Toronto Ultra and Boston Breach, then we have the Atlanta FaZe facing what looks to be their toughest test yet with the Seattle Surge, and finally, we wrap up the night. Out with the barn with Optic Texas taking on the LA Thieves!

Today I will bring you my COD DFS tips, analysis and lineup picks for DFS eSports contests on DraftKings at Friday, August 52022, at 3:00 p.m. EST. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DFSKoby Or find me in the slack as I’m happy to interact with readers and try to answer your questions!

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Call of Duty: CHAMPIONS

best of 5

  • London Royal Ravens (+195) vs. NY Subliners (-275)
  • Boston Breach (+112) vs. Toronto Ultra (-155)
  • Seattle Surge (+188) vs. Atlanta FaZe (-275)
  • LA Thieves (-143) vs. Optic Texas (+106)

Whiteboard Overview

I’m glad we get to see this matchup because I really think the NYSL are the better team overall and should be able to handle London pretty easily. NYSL has been very good on hard points recently and London on the other hand looked a bit tough yesterday on HP. We should see Berlin and Tuscan HP, both of which have been very good for the NYSL. Whether this match ends up being a sweep depends on how Control goes. Both teams have been very inconsistent in Control, so it could go either way. I’ll give it to London after what I saw from NYSL vs. FaZe today, but my pick is 3-1 NYSL.

These two teams stifled close games. This game also comes down to who can win at SnD. They both lost their SnD games today and are 2-3 during Major 4 as well. I give Toronto the win on Control and think Boston is a bit better on HP. So really, this could end 3-1 in Boston or 3-2 in Toronto. Like I said, it all comes down to those SnDs, they’re going to be close. Overall, this should be a close match, which is why I’m looking at the best at Vivid, Methodz, CleanX, and Cammy. Not sure about the pick, but I’ll say 3-2 Toronto.

What a good matchup this should be. Interestingly, Seattle has always had FaZe’s number during the CDL era. Most recently, Seattle defeated them in back-to-back games at the end of the Major 3 tournament to win the Grand Final. Since then, though, we’ve seen these teams go in opposite directions. After Major 3, Seattle seemingly fell apart and has yet to fully recover. Atlanta pulled off a reverse sweep against a tough NYSL team. Seattle screeched for a London team. Atlanta should be a lock to win Control, Hardpoint should be close and could be the deciding factor in this match. Atlanta could very well sweep this match, but I’ll give Seattle the benefit of saying they get at least one HP win, but fall short 3-1 against FaZe. Seattle would be my annoying dark horse though. You can’t count them against FaZe ever…

This one feels simple and that worries me a bit. I completely believe in LAT to win Control, it has been by far the worst game mode in Optics and one of the best game modes in LAT. Hardpoint also gives LAT the advantage. Optic has the upper hand in SnD, as that has been by far his best game mode. However, if this goes to game 5, LAT has had the ice in their veins lately, so depending on the map, maybe LAT could win SnD there, but I don’t think it will go that far. Give me 3-1 LAT.

COD DFS Basics

  1. Just like in CSGO, players receive two points for kills and are penalized -1 for dying. Therefore, the easiest stat to look at here is the K/D ratio.
  2. You need to include a team post on both sites. Teams accumulate fantasy points for games won (+4), matches won (+10), and search and destroy/control rounds won (+.5).
  3. Teams will play best-of-five matches in a rotation of various game modes. Those modes and the order in which they are played are as follows: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Control, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy.
  4. In hardpoint rounds, players with positive K/D ratios are usually the ones with the highest score and these rounds are usually the bloodiest.
  5. They have also changed a game mode from Domination to Control for League play. This will be very different in the game as it is based on rounds and not first in 200. They play first to win 3 rounds. You win by capturing both points or by killing the enemy team until they run out of life. One team defends and the other attacks.
  6. There is a sweep bonus this year as both teams and players can get a 20 point player sweep and a 5 point team sweep. In the event that they sweep, they are also awarded a 20 point bonus for not playing the hard spot and a 5 point bonus for not playing the final Search and Destroy map. That adds up to a sweep of 45 extra points, which will be very crucial this year.

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Note: As of this writing, DraftKings had not yet been able to get the board up even though we are closing in less than 11 hours until closing. My thoughts on Captains/Value are based on prior knowledge of where players have been recently price-wise. If you have any questions feel free to PM me before blocking and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Captain COD DFS Considerations

Hydra: The French phenomenon is live! They may have lost to a very good FaZe team, but Hydra still finished +6 on 92 kills. He has been the main contributor to this team all season and they will need him here to keep the champion hopes alive! During the Major 4 tournament, he had a .91 K/D for HP, a 1.06 for SnD, and a 1.22 for Control. The Hardpoint KD looks a bit rougher than it is, and what it lacks there. He largely makes up for it in Control. This is a solid spot for someone of Hydra’s caliber. lock it up

Octane: I could have put Cellium or Dashy in one more time, but I wanted to go a different route. Of course, they’re still big plays with how they’ve played all season, but Octane has been back to human turret levels since Stage 3. He’s been completely under the radar and has been playing like crazy. Yesterday he held on and was +17 on 104 kills. He has been on another level. During the Major 4 tournament run, he averaged 1.07 HP, 1.19 SnD, and 1.13 Control. With so many elite players on the board, Octane could have a lower property and he could still get the same score at a cheaper price!

Other Captain Plays: Cellium, Dashy, CleanX, Abezy, Pred(GPP)

COD DFS Value Plays

CleanX: This could be pushing when it comes to value and I hope DK puts it on an 8k list or thereabouts because it would be a perfect price for someone who can play at the level I know CleanX can. If it wasn’t for CleanX, Optic would have criticized Toronto. CleanX was the only one to test positive on his team and did so at +21 on an unbelievable 115 kills. It’s had a bit of ups and downs, but I think we’ve got some good maps for this matchup that could work in CleanX’s favor. As long as he doesn’t get stuck with a Gavutu of any kind, I think we’ll be fine!

Kenny: If the price is like yesterday we should get Kenny at a decently cheap price and I think Kenny has regained his confidence because during Major 4 the MVP was playing out of his mind. He averaged 1.09 K/D on HP, 1.45 on SnD and 1.19 on Control. He just insane numbers for someone he would go to great lengths to avoid on the boards early in the season. Now if we can get it at a cheap price with them playing Optic. I’ll take Kenny and stack him with Octane and probably get them with little property as well.

Other works of value: PaulEhx, Vivid(G

Batteries COD DFS

NYSL: I see NYSL as the most likely winner of all games. The rest have opponents that I think could cause an upset. I just don’t feel that way about London. With that said, NYSL is set up to be a great stacking team. Hydra and KiSMET have been insane for this NYSL team and their rise from the bottom. Paulehx has been clever and good. Crimsix has that championship mentality and the leadership that this team needs to come out on top. Hydra is by far my favorite to start with and then combining it with PaulEhx or KiSMET would be the way to go.

Other team plays: LA Thieves, Atlanta FaZe


  1. TLDR: 3-1 NYSL, 3-2 Toronto, 3-1 Atlanta FaZe, 3-1 LAT
  2. London: Afro
  3. NYSL: Hydra, KiSMET, Paulehx
  4. Toronto: CleanX, Cammy
  5. Boston: Vivid, Methodz
  6. Atlanta: Cellium, Abezy, Simp
  7. Seattle: Pred, bro
  8. LAT: Octane, Kenny, Drazah
  9. Optician: Dashy, Shotzzy

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