5 facts of the imagined order (IO) that you should know

Fortnite: Battle Royale uses an epic narrative to justify constant changes and updates, with the Imagined Order (IO) working as his main antagonist. The IO is a bureaucratic organization that throws people into a looping battle, where they lose all memory and powers, just to know what happens.

All the collaborations in Fortnite are explained by the actions of IO, with important characters in pop culture that have a great impact on the history of the game. From Batman being responsible for his return, to Sarah Connor and The Mandalorian working for them, they are relentless.

Here are 5 facts about the Imagined Order in Fortnite and its despicable feats.

1. They are old

fortnite jones
fortnite jones

Villains usually look great with white hair. However, the IO staff does not age at all, with its constant changes of time and space going back thousands of years. Field agents like John “Jonesy” Jones have kept their jaws sharp and their eyes bagless even after witnessing horrors beyond the unknown, including filing tax returns.

This exemption from the aging process allows the IO to exploit its employees for as long as its mission deems necessary, which has so far lasted millennia. The Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comics show this with Jonesy walking through the rubble that was once his office, reminiscing about the good times he had, even through the chaos.

After an outburst, he mentions working for the IO for centuries, with hardly anyone in the higher ranks acknowledging his accomplishments. Jonesy was responsible for saving all of reality in Chapter 2 – Season 6, which makes this an even sadder reveal.

Dr. Slone, Jonesy’s boss, also mentions the thousands of years she’s kept her eyes on the Loop in the trailer for the Impostors game mode, which also allows players to explore IO facilities within Fortnite Island.

2. Hierarchy matters

lonely gunnar
lonely gunnar

The IO was only revealed as of Chapter 2, mystery constantly surrounding its higher ranks and its secret purpose. Chapter 2 – Season 7 brought in Slone, the unspecified branch leader in charge of the Fortnite island itself, and Chapter 3 – Season 2 introduced Gunnar, the muscle of Slone’s cunning intelligence.

Both played key roles in their respective seasons, showing how few have the power to make any changes in the hierarchy. A scene in the Zero War comics perfectly demonstrates how little they care about those who serve them, with former Agent Jonesy believing Gunnar to be IO’s leader, Geno.

solitaire fortnite
solitaire fortnite

Slone chides him for ever thinking the enigmatic leader would hang out with the likes of Jonesy, and since she was his old boss, this hits the poor hero hard. Emotional manipulation is key to ensuring that no one questions the IO’s authority, loyally fulfilling its never-ending mission.

3. The man behind the curtain

fortnite geno
fortnite geno

Geno leads the IO along with an inner circle that is still hidden in the shadows. He was first mentioned in Chapter 2-Season 6, being someone of great importance to the leader of The Seven, The Foundation. The Seven are against everything IO does, being the heroes of this story, so of course their eyes would be on the man behind the curtain.

At first, Jonesy uses his knowledge of Geno as leverage against the Foundation for his own survival, thinking he knows where the IO leader really is. Unfortunately, he was tricked by his own boss, Slone, forcing the Seven to go full circle in any effort to find the maniac.

However, in the live event of Chapter 2 — Season 2, Collision, the end of a conversation between Slone and Geno leaves Ground Zero aligned with his reality, leaving him exposed for the first time. Foundation and Jonesy immediately jump into action, now in pursuit while the island is at peace.

4. Batman Saved Them

solitaire fortnite
solitaire fortnite

Not on purpose, of course, but as a result of a 6 issue comic series, Batman was solely responsible for getting the IO back on its feet. When Dwayne Johnson’s The Foundation sealed off Ground Zero from the facilities around it, the IO was forced to withdraw from the island. However, they had a plan.

Orchestrating a plan with Lex Luthor, they brought Batman and Catwoman to the Loop, where the only way to escape was to break the Zero Point stone. The Foundation was unconscious in the depths of Gotham Harbor, so he was far from being able to stop them.

Fortnite Batman Escape
Fortnite Batman Escape

Eventually, with the help of decades of Bat/Cat romance, they escape together, but the IO returns and takes over the island once more. DC’s greatest detective was only able to piece together the puzzle thanks to the help of several island survivors, where with his combined knowledge, he gave meaning to the mysterious symbols and their origin.

5. Symbology is key

IO emblem
IO emblem

The IO emblem is an intricate design full of symbology.

The outer edge represents the teeth of a mechanical gear, showing what the inner workings of the island look like behind it, with an unstable Zero Point at its center.

The outer boxes contain the symbols for each branch of the organization, and few have been developed so far. The one on the left has been shown to represent Slone and The Bridge, the name given to the island’s underground facility.

However, the major symbology behind the IO emblem is something hidden in plain sight: The Panopticon. The concept of the panopticon is a prison where those who look cannot be seen by those who are being looked at.

Credit: epsilontheory.com

This concept goes back to the very beginning of what the Imagined Order is, the puppet masters of all existence, and few can even comprehend the scale of the effort, let alone stand a real chance of fighting them.

Fortnite is free to play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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