Twitch Rivals Recap: Road to TwitchCon with Fortnite Zero Build – Part 2

Twitch Rivals Recap: Road to TwitchCon with Fortnite Zero Build – Part 2

The total prize pool for Twitch Rivals: Road to TwitchCon ft. Fortnite Zero Build Part 2 was $50,000, with winners taking home $7,500 on top of their TwitchCon tickets. The runners-up found themselves taking home $6,000, with a $4,000 prize for third parties. The player with the most eliminations won a $200 bonus.

Unlike Twitch Rivals: Road to TwitchCon with Fortnite Zero Build Part 1 which banned tanks, armored battle buses, tents, and ballers, the second Road to TwitchCon event only restricted players from using tents. However, the Fortnite Zero Build meta was recently shaken up with Epic Games retrieving Port-a-Fort from the Vault. The Port-a-Fort, a rare utility item that spawns a large structure, provides some much-needed additional protection from enemy fire. Otherwise, the meta remained unchanged, with a slow-paced early game geared towards loot gathering and positioning.


In the first game, players almost immediately demonstrated the value and role of Port-a-Forts, building many forts across the map. Although this may be the most optimal strategy, the team led by Giorgio “POW3R” Calandrelli, with brute force and Boogie Bombs, destroyed the forts and their inhabitants and shamelessly won the first round.

Team Solary, unsurprisingly, didn’t come to Twitch Rivals just to have fun. With this mindset, they focused on early eliminations. In similar shoes was the POW3R team, which demonstrated its inability to miss the target acquired. Although Team Xiunder_ secured the Victory Royale, Team Solary drastically outclassed everyone with an All-Star 13 eliminations.

At the start of Game 3, the teams, presumably hyper-focused on the ticket to TwitchCon, were consumed with a bloodthirsty ambition that drove them to kill. Although the teams led by Cem “Mithrain” Karakoç and NeZaK were in the lead for most of the game, the DonKaaklijn team held their own in the chaos and won the round.

Game four brought careful and strategic play as many teams ignored eliminations and focused on surviving as long as possible. With this in mind, many categorically avoided the center of the map and stayed on the outskirts. The team that effortlessly adopted this strategy led by Derman “MOTOR” Özdemir. With 26 eliminations in a single game, the MOTOR team won the matchless game.

In game five, Team Katoo, looming over the outer edges, put pressure on the teams and forced them to battle it out on their terms. However, when the players used up all of their resources, the storm brought them into close combat. In a final showdown, the MOTOR team masterfully eliminated any and all players who stood in their way to win their second match in a row.

As the teams entered the final game of the day, they once again invested in a methodical approach and plenty of game content. Positioning themselves carefully and chasing down their victims, Bella “GirlyBella” Huss’s team, as well as the POW3R and Solary teams dominated the map. In the end, the POW3R team stood strong and took the win.

Although the POW3R team showed great skill and vigor, the MOTOR team, who remained consistent throughout the tournament, confidently won the tournament.


The first game of the North American Twitch Rivals event once again showcased the importance of loot and utility items, as players flocked to Tilted Towers to collect the best possible gear. Although this may have been an invitation for violence, the early game was quiet and many players watched the late game. For this reason, the late game was an adrenaline-pumping adventure with many fights going on at once. Many teams, overly ambitious to win the tournament, didn’t give up easily, but Team Aircool clearly showed that they should go to TwitchCon with a whopping 26 eliminations and the Victory Royale.

The teams led by Aydan “Aydan” Conrad and HotShotChick entered the second game with a great performance and high hopes. However, when the storm raged and impatient players flooded the battlefield with forts, they got the short end of the stick and Team Nawtaw snatched the Victory Royale in front of them.

In Game 3, we witnessed the importance of timely rotations and exquisite positioning as teams mercilessly eliminated each other from miles away. In such a volatile match, Team HippieHabitat, with sniper marksmanship and monk discipline, won the round.

The favorite place in game four was definitely Rave Cave. Packed with loot, Rave Cave attracted many teams that barely made it out alive. The team that won the round with a calm, cool and collected attitude was Team Ayden, mainly because they had the foresight to avoid the box.

In game five, the teams indulged in high-risk, high-reward plays that would help them rank higher in the overall standings. Although the teams of HippieHabitat and Marcus “Ranger” Pereira controlled the map early in the game, they were slow with the rotation mainly because the storm circles weren’t on their side. Ultimately, Team Ayden secured another victory.

Desperate to get back in the game, Team Ranger pulled out all the stops to catch up with Team Ayden. Although Team Ranger clearly dominated the match, Team BUILDING took the win in the final round.

With just two points, Team Ranger finished the tournament in second place with 127 points. Team Aydan managed to keep the San Diego dream alive and hang on to their first place prize.

At the Latin American event, Team p0me consistently outperformed rival teams, securing tickets to TwitchCon in October.

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