The biggest updates to Minecraft since its release

The biggest updates to Minecraft since its release

Despite being over a decade old, Minecraft is bigger and better than ever, with a player base that has continued to grow over the last 11 years. Not an easy feat, but somehow Minecraft it has managed to not only stay relevant, but continue to grow, and a lot of that has to do with the number of updates that have come to the game during its lifetime. Minecraft It has received nearly 20 major updates since its release, each adding new biomes, mobs, ingredients, NPCs, and more.


But not all Minecraft However, the updates are the same. While all of the major updates add a fair amount of content to the game, not all of them have lived up to pre-release expectations. But there are quite a few that did, and they have since gone on to act as reminders of how far Minecraft has come since launch.

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Minecraft Redstone Update

One of the first major updates to the Java edition of Minecraft received was titled the Redstone Update, which was released in March 2013. It may not be the biggest update to come to the game, but the Redstone Update added blocks that have since become staples of just about any game. Minecraft building. 14 new blocks were added with this update, including the trigger rail, weighted pressure plate, and hopper, along with three new minecart variants, including the TNT variant. This update also brought Realms to Minecraftwhich is the subscription service that allowed gamers to host their own private servers.

Aquatic Minecraft Update

Fast-forward to 2018, another iconic Minecraft the update was refresh aquatic patch, which brought a lot of new content to the game, all focused on its oceans and underwater areas. Marking the first time a major update was released simultaneously across all platforms, refresh aquatic released in September 2018 and brought different wooden versions of trapdoors, pressure plates, and buttons to the game, along with 10 different types of coral blocks. The Trident weapon was added, along with a Turtle Shell that could be used as a helmet. A wide range of new enchantments were also added, some of which granted the player increased swimming speed and unlimited underwater breathing. A host of new ocean-themed mobs were also added to the ride, as were new Shipwreck structures, which could be looted for sunken treasure.

Minecraft’s Village and Pillage Update

One of the most iconic elements of the first Minecraft they were his villagers, but aside from trading items with the player, they served little purpose in the game as a whole. the town and plunder The update was set to change that when it was released in 2019. 14 new Stair blocks were added, along with 14 new Slabs and 12 new Walls. Added the Campfire, which could be used as both a decoration and a kitchen appliance. Bamboo, scaffolding, flowers, bells, and a whole host of new crafting tables arrived with this update, as well as dyes, a crossbow, and new mobs like cats and foxes. This update brought an unprecedented amount of content to Minecraftmaking the villagers in the game stand out even more.

Minecraft Nether Update

One of the most recent major updates to Minecraft was the Abyssal Updatethat came to the game in 2020. As the name suggests, this update focused on MinecraftThe infamous world of the Nether, and added a staggering amount of content to that area. All-new mobs like Piglins, Striders, and Hoglins were introduced, along with a range of new structures like Bastion Remnants and Basalt Pillars. A total of four new biomes have been added to the game, each with their respective blocks, items, and mobs. This update even brought a new soundtrack to the game, made up of light blueIt’s Lena Raine.

Minecraft is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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