How to find (and destroy) powerboat missile buoys

How to find (and destroy) powerboat missile buoys

A Fortnite No Sweat Summer challenge asks players to blow up sea buoys with speedboat missiles. Here’s how to find and destroy them.

FortniteThe No Sweat Summer event has introduced a quest for players to tackle and it involves finding large sea buoys in the Fortnite island and destroying them with Motorboat Missiles. Fortnite has always offered plenty of unique quests to keep players satisfied, but with its latest season vibrating, the game has taken on a much more relaxed atmosphere. Instead of asking players to take out enemies and get the top 10, the No Sweat Summer event challenges encourage players to have a good time, finding and trying out new Fortnite ice cream, getting excited, shooting fireworks, and generally taking the game a little less seriously.


Despite the more casual nature of the No Sweat Summer event challenges, they still offer some incentives for players to complete them, including experience points to help players level up through the last few Fortnite Battle Pass, as well as unique cosmetics. Players who manage to find and destroy the large sea buoys in the Fortnite island will not be rewarded with Battle Pass XP, but will instead receive an exclusive No Sweat Summer Music Track. Music tracks allow players to change the background music on the Fortnite lobby and, more importantly, what music plays when they get a Victory Royale.

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The large buoys in question can only be found in the Fortnite island’s eastern lagoon, where players can also complete Fortnite‘s No Sweat Summer powerboat racing challenge. This location is just southeast of the daily bugler and almost directly east of Sanctuary. Players will know they are in the right place if they can see the broken statue in mighty monument.

How to find and destroy large sea buoys in Fortnite

This challenge specifically tasks players with destroying large sea buoys with speedboat missiles, so players must command a speedboat. Motorboats can be found along the shoreline of the entire lagoon, but for the sake of efficiency, players may want to land on the pair of floating platforms to the northwest of the lagoon. Launch pad island. Two motorboats can usually be found here. many of FortniteThe No Sweat Summer event challenges, like removing the No Sweat signs, can only be completed in the lagoon, so it’s a good idea to grab a weapon or two to protect yourself against other players landing nearby.

Once players have obtained a speedboat, they can find buoys around the lagoon. The buoys are bright red and have balloons attached to the top, making them fairly easy to spot. All players have to do is fire the boat’s missiles at a buoy to destroy it. Buoys are surprisingly durable, so players may need to launch a couple of missiles to sink them. As always, the biggest obstacle is usually other players playing in the same area, but it’s worth remembering that the player can target more than just speedboat missile buoys.

Fortnite No Sweat Summer Lobby Music Track Art

Unfortunately, there is no V-Bucks reward to help players buy John Cena from the Fortnite Item Shop, but free music tracks are relatively rare compared to all the other content being added to Fortnite regularly. If players haven’t changed their lobby music in a while, this challenge is worth doing.

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