Aleksa “Queasy” Cvetkovic of Galaxy Racer Esports

The competitive scene of the popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite, is quite strong in Western and European countries. One such popular player from Serbia, Aleksa “Queasy” Cvetkovic, recently became a part of the Galaxy Racer Esports roster.

Queasy has been participating in major Fortnite competitions since 2019 and is currently at the top of the Duos Cash Cup leaderboard in its third week. In a conversation with Debolina Banerjee of Sportskeeda Esports, Queasy talks about Galaxy Racer Esports, her performances in Fortnite tournaments, and more.

The GXR Queasy version of Fortnite and its competitive scene

Q. Tell us more about your journey on the competitive Fortnite stage. When did you go from being a casual gamer to a competitive gamer?

Dizzy: I started playing public games in internet cafes on random PCs for fun with friends and as it got better and better after a long time I decided to buy a low end PC with some of my money and my goal was to be a streamer But after After playing scrims, I found competing to be a lot of fun, so I started playing the first few cups like Share the Love, Winter Royale, and then the World Cup.

Q. Of the Battle Royale games out there, what made you choose Fortnite? If you had to pick a favorite feature of the Epic Games title, what would it be?

Dizzy: The building aspect of Fortnite definitely made it a lot more fun than any other feature in any other Battle Royale game.

Q. You recently joined Galaxy Racer, one of the most popular esports organizations out there. How has the experience been so far?

Dizzy: My experience has been excellent. Being a part of Galaxy Racer Esports is like being a member of a big family.

Q. Do you think it’s important for a professional gamer to join an esports organization to gain more exposure? What are some of the benefits he has seen so far?

Dizzy: I feel like it goes both ways, but the benefits I’ve seen so far relate to better exposure in the Middle East regions.

Q. You are currently at the top of the leaderboard for Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 3 Season 3 – Week 3. Which team do you think will be your toughest competitor in the coming weeks?

Dizzy: I’ll probably keep an eye out for Tai “TaySon” Starčič and Moussa “Chapix” Faour.

Q. Speaking of Chapter 3 Season 3, what are your thoughts on the latest season of Fortnite? Did it meet your expectations?

Dizzy: I personally really like Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3! It’s not as much fun, but it’s definitely more competitive!

Q. From being in 40th place in Duos Cash Cup: Chapter 3 Season 2 – Week 7 to now securing the top spot, tell us how you feel and how you find the motivation to bounce back.

Dizzy: I never really looked at it that way. We had more fun than the last Cash Cup before the Grand Final. We didn’t stress about anything so that was great!

Q. Since Duos Cash Cup is a team tournament, what are some of the things you look at to improve the synergy between you and your teammate, Veno?

Dizzy: I hope to play more together and improve our chemistry.

Q. You have a YouTube channel that has 58.6 thousand subscribers. Do you have any plans to grow the channel? What kind of videos do you like to upload more?

youtube cover

Dizzy: Of course I try to upload all the tournaments I play, but on top of that I want to do more variety and real life content.

Q. Is there a message you would like to share with aspiring professional Fortnite players?

Dizzy: As long as you put in the time, it will look and be worth it for sure. Just believe in yourself!


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