10 Changes Fans Want To See In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Of the many beloved games in the demonic resident franchise, few have the acclaim of Resident Evil 4. The first mainline game to move the action away from Raccoon City and the franchise in a more action-oriented direction, it is considered a high point in the franchise and has yet to be surpassed.

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With the news of a new version on the horizon, many fans are happy to get the opportunity to play one of their favorite games updated. While a fully faithful remake would delight many, there are parts of the game, both in terms of mechanics and story, that many fans wouldn’t mind the slightest adjustment.

10 Make escort mission less tedious

In the heart of Resident Evil 4 It’s Leon Kennedy’s mission to protect Ashley, President Graham’s daughter. He has to protect her from Los Ganados and the Las Plagas parasite that controls them, something that takes up a large part of the game’s playtime. Despite the popular gameplay, the escort mission is notoriously annoying.

Due to Ashley’s helplessness, the surprising mobility of enemies, and the irritating vocal cues used to alert players to the fact that Ashley is in danger, many players find the experience more frustrating than challenging. While removing the escort mission would change the game drastically, many players are hoping it will make for a less unpleasant experience.

9 Removal of tank controls

The control scheme of the first demonic resident games is known as Tank Controls, where the player uses one stick to change the direction their character is facing and the other to move them forward or backward. They are totally independent of each other. They’re notoriously clunky, but they’re part of the charm of aerial camera games.

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With Resident Evil 4The over-the-shoulder perspective, however, becomes a major impediment. In particular, the controls mean that a player cannot simultaneously aim their weapon and move, a major drawback with the game’s more action-packed style. With previous remakes changing their games’ controls, many fans want the same updated control scheme to be implemented. 4.

8 The drab and drab color palette

the demonic resident games have never had bad art design, using bizarre and nightmarish imagery to great effect. Resident Evil 4 It features many impressive and intimidating designs and holds up pretty well to the graphics of the day. However, many find its color palette disappointing in hindsight, in line with many other games of the time.

It uses mainly browns and grays, creating a monotonous appearance that does not vary much between environments. With the most recent games in the franchise doing great things with varying palettes of black, grey, green, dark blue and more, many are hoping that the game’s art design will be tweaked a bit.

7 Leon’s personality is shrinking a bit

Leon Kennedy undergoes a major personality change between resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 4 as a result of their various experiences. While his naive and overconfident behavior two annoys some, so does his cocky action hero in 4.

In particular, many feel that his constant quips and one-liners detract from any tension the game tries to create in a way that similar lines in other games. demonic resident the games don’t As such, in order to create a more mature and tense story, some players are hoping that her personality will be more in line with her cautious but well-intentioned characterization in the new version of two.

6 The complete misrepresentation of Spain

the demonic resident Games have never focused on giving completely accurate representations of their surroundings, but few are as infamous as the depiction of Spain in Resident Evil 4. Compared to the feel and look of Raccoon City as an American city, and the Baker Ranch giving a realistic impression of Louisiana, 4The town of feels very generic and unrealistic.

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The area feels more like a loose conglomeration of Spanish and Mexican stereotypes alongside generic horror tropes. Some think it suits the not-so-serious tone of the game, but some Spanish players don’t like the presentation of their country, and others find it makes the game less immersive.

5 Krauser’s Dominated State in Mercenaries

Although not the main attraction, the Mercenaries game mode is a fun side game included in Resident Evil 4. It allows players to control various characters in the game as they take on hordes of enemies. The mode is popular, fun, and surprisingly well done in most respects.

What it does lack, however, is balance. This is made clearer by the playable Krauser. A powerful enemy, it proves to be even more powerful in the player’s hands and is considered to be a mode breaker. Some are annoyed that it might trivialize the mode and could be problematic for those who simply enjoy Krauser but want a challenge. As such, some want to see it rebalanced if Mercenaries is in the new build.

4 The inclusion of an article box

The item box is an iconic item in demonic resident. It is actually a network of boxes interconnected throughout the game that can share stored items between them. This rewards players for careful inventory management, a core element of the game, allowing them to keep items out of their inventory without needing to discard them.

This item is missing from Resident Evil 4, and the inventory does not expand enough to compensate. While this adds to the challenge of the game, it can leave a bad taste in players’ mouths as they have to throw away useful items because they have absolutely nowhere to store them. Including the item box in the new version could help appease players.

3 Add more ties to the larger story

The main games and their derivatives in the demonic resident The franchise forms a sprawling, messy story that nonetheless ties everything together. Create a cohesive universe, one on which each game is based. Despite Resident Evil 4Quite liked as a standalone story, it has very few ties to the wider franchise other than the inclusion of Leon.

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While players probably don’t want the story to be changed too much in the new version, some are annoyed by how the story is largely irrelevant to the ongoing plot. Including more references to the broader franchise and expanding on the ones that already exist could be a way to make the story feel more important without changing too much about it.

two Change Ashley Graham’s personality to be less irritating

Although she is one of the most important characters in the game, Ashley Graham doesn’t win many fans. Even aside from the frustrating elements she adds to the game, many find her personality to be on the irritating side. In particular, her general helplessness for much of the game leaves her unsympathetic to many.

While Ashley has her supporters and fans, many gamers wouldn’t mind if adjustments were made to her role in the story. They probably wouldn’t have to be huge changes, just to give her more moments of agency and independence and tone down some of her more irritating conversational moments.

1 Removal of action commands and quick time events

Resident Evil 4The more action-packed approach of extends to more than just its shooter gameplay, but also its engaging and dramatic cutscenes. This extends to having action commands and quick-time events in cutscenes, where players have to press certain buttons to get Leon to do things he can’t normally do.

However, since the game’s release, quick-time events have become infamous in gaming for promoting a false sense of interactivity and not being particularly fun. With their prevalence in 4many players hope that they will be removed or toned down a lot so that the game doesn’t get bogged down with outdated “interactive” cinematics.

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