Top 8 deaths in Resident Evil games

Top 8 deaths in Resident Evil games

the demonic resident The games are known for their high-quality game engine, stunning graphics, gory layout, and overarching storyline. With nine games in the main series and three significant remakes, those features are not lacking. The latest game on the demonic resident the franchise has been resident Evil Village, with a new version of Resident Evil 4 It will be released on March 24, 2023.

With all these games in the series, there have been countless deaths. Some have been tame, others silly, but most have been disturbing demonstrations of the many violent ways the franchise’s antagonists can kill protagonists in cold blood. That said, talking about the deaths of the protagonists means that there are a lot of spoilers incoming, so be careful.

8 Rachel Gets Drunk: Resident Evil Revelations

Evil Residence Revelations it’s considered communally unremarkable compared to the other games in the series, but it still has one of the scariest (and saddest) transformations and boss fights in the franchise. Rachel Foley was forced to investigate Queen Zenobia, which would ultimately lead to her premature infection with the T-Abyss virus.

Rachel has two “deaths”. The first of hers occurs in the prologue, where she initially runs into the ooze and becomes infected. The second occurs later in the game, after the protagonist has discovered her notes next to her fully mutated body. Although it is impossible to progress without killing Rachel, it is difficult to do so as she screams, eternally in pain from the virus taking over her mind and body.

7 Killed by Rasklapanje: Resident Evil 6

These crying mutants are victims of the C virus present in Resident Evil 6. Rasklapanjes easily have one of the longest and most exhausting death animations, as they grab onto the protagonist and implant another Rasklapanje into their body by sucking out their face. The player even has to watch the newborn mutant come out of their protagonist’s body, and only after that, the “you’re dead” screen will appear.

The Rasklapanjes themselves are killed in a variety of brutal ways throughout Resident Evil 6, but arguably nothing is more terrifying than the way the protagonists are killed.

6 Being eaten by Birkin: Resident Evil 2

In both the original and the new version of resident Evil 2, William Birkin’s final mutated form is hideously grotesque. Being devoured by this monstrosity is not a peaceful death.

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If Birkin catches the player in his final form, he will drag the player towards him and disembowel them until they are nothing more than a bloody stream dripping from his mouth.

5 Brad’s Death: Resident Evil 3

Cutting out most of Brad Vicker’s death was one of the most criticized aspects of the remake of Resident Evil 3. His death in the original game was much more brutal than the way it was toned down in the new version.

Originally, Brad died at the hands of Nemesis. His death is bloody and brutal as players see one of Nemesis’ tendrils impale Brad and then throw his lifeless body to the ground. Nemesis hatefully mutters “STARS” before moving on to lay her murderous hands on Jill Valentine.

4 Chainsaw Beheading: Resident Evil 4

One of the deaths fans are hoping will make the cut for the new version of Resident Evil 4 it’s the chainsaw decapitation at the hands of the Chainsaw Man. The original death sequence doesn’t mince words, showing players every second of Leon Kennedy’s head being goryly hacked off by the chainsaw.

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Blood gushes everywhere and pools on the ground after his lifeless (and headless) corpse falls to the ground. This gory death was certainly memorable for those who played the game and is one that certainly deserves to make the final cut for the remake.

3 Clancy Jarvis: Resident Evil 7

Clancy’s death could be one of the longest and most torturous deaths in all demon resident. Players can see through Clancy’s perspective during some video segments in resident Evil 7, as well as during the DLC. This humble videographer has been through unimaginable horrors, watching his co-worker drop dead in front of him, being held captive by Marguerite and forced to play devious games of Blackjack at the hands of Lucas Baker.

His suffering comes to a head when the players find the ribbon titled “Happy Birthday”. There, players see Clancy’s ultimate demise when he is forced to go through a psychotic version of an escape room. After seemingly completing the challenge, the room bursts into flames and Clancy finds the dying end of him as he burns to death.

two Moreau: Resident Evil Village

Moreau is easily one of the most grotesque and saddest creatures in the world. Resident Evil Village. Moreau suffers from incredibly low self-esteem, hoping to impress Mother Miranda, and yet constantly being outshone by the other Lords. He gives him more depth than other antagonists in the game, but he also makes his death as depressing as it is disgusting.

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Unlike many of the other antagonists’ deaths, Moreau’s final, grotesque form clearly suffers before his death. He inflates, moaning in pain and screaming for Mother Miranda as he grows larger and larger, before exploding.

1 Ethan Winters: Resident Evil 7 and Village

Ethan Winters, the protagonist of both Resident Evil 7 & resident Evil Village, has had an especially grueling history. is revealed in Resident Evil Village than the stomp on the head that Ethan endured towards the beginning of Resident Evil 7 actually killed him, but by then he had been infected with the same mold that infested the Bakers and his wife, Mia. The mold managed to revive him and grant him the same regenerative abilities that those infected with the mold have, allowing him to reproduce the events of bad resident 7.

In resident Evil Village, Ethan’s story comes to a bittersweet end. In an act of self-sacrifice, hoping to destroy the mold (now known as Fungus Root) that destroyed both his own life and Baker’s, he sets off a bomb which is set off along with the town and Fungus Root. Although not one of the bloodiest deaths in the franchise, players can feel the pain that followed Ethan’s death.

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