Modern Warfare 2 needs to bring back the Estate multiplayer map

Modern Warfare 2 needs to bring back the Estate multiplayer map

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Fans have been making a lot of requests since the game was revealed, and unsurprisingly, legacy content is high on the list. Players have been sharing their hopes for classic weapons from the original. MW2 to appear, with demands for modes and maps also being made. However, there is one map in particular that deserves to return: Estate.

When players think of 2009 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you will likely come up with several maps before Estate. Locations like Rust, Terminal, and Highrise are more iconic, and players have fond memories of all of these maps. Still, with Highrise all but confirmed for the new modern warfare 2, and Terminal and Rust are being remade into other games, it would be great to see more new remakes in the future. Beyond Estate being a fresh candidate for a remaster, there are a few other reasons why it would be nice to see it again.


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Estate is perfect for Modern Warfare 2 game modes

While the original modern warfare 2The Estate map was a stellar private match location, not a perfect play space for normal multiplayer. An odd layout centered around a building meant it had some strange spawns and an odd flow, and while these flaws could be corrected by some tweaks to the 6v6 map, it would shine much brighter in two specific game modes.

The first mode where Estate would make sense is Gunfight, as players would be able to fight inside the main building. Having access to all the rooms could create an intriguing 2v2 arena, as players could randomly spawn on the top floor, middle floor, or basement. This would instantly create an intense arena where close combat reigns supreme, as enemies could be lurking around every corner. The concept of a Gunfight map taking place in a large house is an interesting one, and would be a nice change of pace from the Gunfight maps released so far.

Also worth mentioning is the leaked Attackers vs. Defenders mode, which may or may not be happening. Supposedly playing as rainbow six siege, this mode would see players fighting in an area, choosing roles and making use of a revive system. The environments could also be strengthened according to the escape, although with modern warfare 2 multiplayer without destruction, this idea could have been discarded and the Siege vibrations may be a little less noticeable. Still, if Infinity Ward needs a map that plays like Siege, Estate is a viable option. Attackers can spawn outside the house, and defenders must hold down the iconic building.

Give Estate a presence in the campaign

Although Estate appears in modern warfare 2The multiplayer modes would be exciting, and the mountainous setting of the map ensures that it would be visually stunning, it could also feature in the campaign. For many, the Russian location is memorable not because it appeared in multiplayer playlists, but because it served as the place of Ghost’s death in the old Modern war trilogy.

With Ghost set to have a major role in the new modern warfare 2The campaign to bring this location back could be interesting. If players saw it during single player mode, their hearts would instantly sink as they would be afraid of history repeating itself. However, this time General Shepherd couldn’t betray Ghost, or Ghost might recognize the betrayal and stop it before it happens. Bringing the Estate back during the story just to subvert expectations could be a fun twist, allowing Infinity Ward to do a neat callback while telling a new story. With the map able to fit easily into both multiplayer and single player modes, it should make a comeback later this year.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 launches October 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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