Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield Mercenaries Gameplay Breakdown

Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield Mercenaries
Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield Mercenaries Gameplay Breakdown

Even though the pandemic pushed back a lot of games, 2021 still saw a good handful of great AAA experiences hit store shelves, and Resident Evil Village he was certainly one of them. Taking the new game style of Resident Evil 7 and adding a good amount of action to the formula, Resident Evil Village It wasn’t every fan’s cup of tea, but it was still an undeniably good game, and had plenty of content for fans to sink their teeth into. In addition to the game’s reasonably long history, Resident Evil 8 contained a Mercenaries mode, a horde mode first introduced in Resident Evil 4.


when it was released, Resident Evil 8‘s Mercenaries mode only allows players to enter the arena as the game’s main protagonist, Ethan Winters. But, in late October, fans will be able to return as three new playable characters. Announced just a month ago, Resident Evil 8The Winters Expansion will add a host of new content to the game’s Mercenaries mode, in an update called “Additional Orders.” Along with new challenges and maps, this update adds Lady Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and fan-favorite agent Chris Redfield to Resident Evil 8Mercenaries mode.

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Chris Redfield’s Mercenaries Breakdown

Just a few days ago, Capcom released a short trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 8 Gold Edition and its new Mercenaries mode offerings. In just a minute and a half, the three new playable characters are shown, each wielding their iconic weapons and shown to each use a variety of unique abilities and powers that really set them apart from one another. Since the trailer is so short, everyone only gets 10-20 seconds to be in the spotlight, but Capcom makes the most of that limited time.

After a few brief shots of some of the terrifying lycan and zombie enemies the player will fight once again, the trailer gives fans a first look at how Chris Redfield will play in Resident Evil 8Mercenaries mode. The first shot shows Chris loading a magazine into his highly customized SMG, which houses a laser sight and silencer, among a few other mods. After charging his gun, the trailer shows Chris pummeling a horde of enemies, seemingly sending out a staggering shock wave that knocks some zombies to the ground. Long time fans of demonic resident you’ll be more than aware of this iconic Chris Redfield punch, which was used to push a gigantic boulder in an infamous resident bad 5 sequence.

After a brief montage of Chris taking down different enemies with his SMG, he is then shown to use a flashbang grenade on a group of enemies, which stuns and confuses everyone within its radius. It appears that this could also temporarily blind the player if they are looking at the grenade during its detonation, so it could be a double-edged ability in practice. Chris’ section of the trailer ends with him using a target locator, which quickly rains down a devastating artillery barrage on the horde in front of him.

For those who have had their fill of Resident Evil 8In the story, most of these abilities and weapons will be fairly familiar, with the player controlling Chris Redfield towards the end. However, while playing as Chris may not be as unique or new as playing as Lady Dimitrescu or Heisenberg, his abilities and weapons seem to fit right in with the more hectic and chaotic gameplay of Mercenaries.

Resident Evil 8 It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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