How to build an automatic wool farm

With Minecraft Update 1.19 Wild, wool has become more useful than ever. Previously only useful for aesthetics, crafts, and trade, wool now has a new unique trait: noise suppression. This is immensely useful for traversing Ancient Cities without activating the sculk sensors and subsequently summoning the Guardian. That’s why players need wool more than ever.

Wool is obtained in a rather simple way by shearing sheep or making it by hand with four threads. For full automation, it’s the sheep that players will want to use. Sheep can be sheared multiple times, as they grow back their wool after eating grass, and they can also be dyed, releasing dyed wool. This allows players to save on dyes they would otherwise need to craft colored wool.


How to build an automatic wool farm

This wool farm is resource-intensive, so it’s intended more for players who are decently rich in their Minecraft worlds, which require a fair amount of iron to craft. Players will need to build a small automatic shearing machine for each sheep they house on their farm, so if players want one of each color, they will need to make 16 total. Keep this in mind when calculating how many resources you’ll need. For each auto cutter, players will need:

  • a dispenser
  • A pair of scissors
  • two observers
  • A redstone repeater
  • A redstone torch
  • three blocks of grass
  • three solid blocks
  • five glass blocks
  • Single hopper mining cart
  • a hopper
  • a lane
  • a chest

the first The system-integrated clipper will require one additional grass block and two additional glass blocks. To get the grass, players can either use the Silk Touch enchantment to mine and get grass directly, or they can lay down a chain of dirt blocks leading to the grass and wait for the grass to grow through it.

First, find out where you want your collection chest for the automatic clipper to be. The machine itself is five blocks tall, with the chest at the bottom, so if players want the chest at ground level, they need to have their grass platform (pictured below) three blocks off the ground . Build a T-shape out of the four grass blocks, with a spotter facing the middle.

Place a repeater coming out of it, on a block with a Redstone torch on top of it. Set the repeater to four ticks, then place a spotter on top of it, facing the torch and emitting into a dispenser. This dispenser should face the grass blocks and will hold a pair of scissors. Finallythese scissors will break, so players can lay down multiple pairs of scissors to prolong the need to reload.

Next, place a hopper two blocks below the middle grass block, exiting into a chest. On top of this hopper, place a minecart rail, then a hopper minecart on the rail. Hopper mine carts have an interesting property in that they can pick up items through blocks. This means that any wool that falls on the grass will be sucked up through the grass block into the hopper’s mine cart. It will then be channeled into the chest.

Now it’s time to build the cage for the sheep. Back at the top of the machine, build two-story glass walls around the center grass block. It’s important to use glass here, as it can be placed on top of the grass without turning it into dirt, which is essential for the grass in the middle to grow back.

At this point the machine is fully functional and all that is needed is a sheep. There are many ways to do this, such as luring them with wheat, dragging them on a leash, or using a rail system to raise them to the top of the machine. It doesn’t matter which method players choose to use, as long as a sheep ends up in the cage. If temporary blocks are used, be sure to destroy them afterwards, so other mobs don’t get close to your machine.

The machine is now up and running! When the sheep eats the grass, it will regrow its wool, and will trigger the observer when it detects that the grass block is now dirt. This will feed the dispenser, which will shear the sheep and deposit the wool in the chest. The sheep will be shorn instantly each time its wool grows, which will maximize efficiency. After a few minutes, the grass will grow back and the sheep will be able to eat it again.

Players should be careful as enough light is required for grass to grow. Placing a light-producing block, such as a frog light or a piece of glow stone on top of the sheep, will ensure that the grass can grow 24/7. Otherwise this machine will only work during daylight hours. With machine number one complete, players can now connect multiple machines, as seen below. Connecting the glass blocks in this way will make this machine as compact as possible and save some resources.

Don’t forget to load a pair of scissors in each dispenser! Each pair of scissors has 238 uses, so they should last quite a while, but if players notice that their sheep aren’t shearing, that means it’s time to refill the dispensers.


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