Where to find (and break) reality seed pods in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Where to find (and break) reality seed pods in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, Reality Seed Pods have appeared all over the Fortnite island. Here’s where to find them and how to break them.

Reality Seed Pods are just one of the many rarities introduced in the game. Fortnite island in Episode 3 Season 3 and with the arrival of this week’s quests, players can search for them and break three of them for a 15,000 XP reward. Fortnite The challenges frequently range from the weird and wonderful to the more challenging, and completing them rewards players with valuable XP for earning all the cosmetics in the last Fortnite Battle Pass. Locating reality seed pods can be a bit challenging given that they spawn in several different locations, but with a little planning, the player can easily remove this particular quest from their lists.


With the arrival of Season 3, the Fortnite The island map received another update, with the gigantic Tree of Reality appearing and spreading its roots across the island. As their name suggests, reality seed pods tend to appear in large numbers wherever the roots of the reality tree are exposed. Over the course of Season 3, these roots continued to spread from the new reality falls Named location to other places like Logjam Lotus, Greasy Grove, Y shuffled shrines.

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To break reality seed pods and complete one of the quests introduced as part of the latest set of Fortnite weekly missions, the player must choose a location where multiple pods are guaranteed to spawn each match. While this won’t prevent other players from landing in the same spot to try and break the pods first, knowing where they can be found gives the player the opportunity to plan ahead.

Where to find reality seed capsules in Fortnite

Fortnite Reality Seed Pod Zone Map

There are three main areas in Fortnite where the player can find various Reality Seed Pods: Reality Falls, Logjam Lotus, Y shuffled shrines; other places like raving cave it may have a few pods, but they are usually spread over a much wider area, making them much harder to find. players landing on reality falls you’ll probably have to run out to find one of Fortnite new assault rifles before completing their missions, as the area is currently a very popular landing spot in the Fortnite goal. However, the sheer concentration of capsules available and the abundance of useful gear make it possibly the best place to complete the week 6 mission objective.

jam lotus Y shuffled shrines they’re not as popular, but both are dense built-up areas with lots of gear and lots of places to hide. This makes them a dangerous starting point for players, as it’s much harder to spot enemy players before they personally get close. Shuffled Shrines also tend to attract players trying to complete Part 5 of Fortnite‘s Vibin’, but overall these two locations tend to offer a less hectic early game compared to Reality Falls where the player is almost guaranteed to run into other players looking to pick off some early eliminations. Another great location is butter flower southwest of rocky Reels, where there are some pods very close to each other. As this is a smaller location, there is a higher chance that the player will be able to break the capsules in peace, but players should be aware that the overall layout of Butter Bloom will change between matches.

Regardless of the location, all the player has to do is climb up the root to reach the seed pod and hit it multiple times with their beak to break it. While it’s a little less technical and fun than some of the Fortnite recent Grapple Glove challenges, it’s still a good idea for players to book a match to find these capsules and complete the quest for that 15,000 XP reward.

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