Top 5 Tips to Beat the Guardian in Minecraft Update 1.19

Top 5 Tips to Beat the Guardian in Minecraft Update 1.19

The Minecraft 1.19 update has brought several new features to the game. These include the deep dark biome, the mangrove swamp biome, mud and its variants, ancient cities, and the mighty Guardian.

The Warden is a new boss mob that Mojang designed to be a force of nature. With this being the case, it is inevitable that players will want to take it on.

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Using ranged weapons and 4 other useful tips to face the Guardian in a Minecraft fight

1) Avoid Melee/Shields

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The Guardian is an absolute mob beast in close combat.

On Easy difficulty, Warden’s melee attack deals eight hearts of damage, almost enough to kill an unarmored player. On normal difficulty, his melee attack deals 15 hearts of damage. On hard difficulty, the mob deals 22.5 hearts of damage.

This means that on Hard difficulty, the Guardian is capable of killing a player in full Netherite armor who has been enchanted with Protection Four. Also, the mob can do this with just three hits.

Players shouldn’t bother holding a shield in their left hand, as the Guardian’s melee attack disables the shield. This means that the left hand slot is much better used for different items.

2) See hitboxes

An example of Warden's hitbox (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)
An example of Warden’s hitbox (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)

The Warden has arrived with a new status effect called Darkness. This effect darkens the screen and makes it almost impossible to see it. However, there is a way that Java players can ensure that they can see the Guardian even under the effect of Darkness.

Players can hold down the F3 button and press the B key to activate entity hitboxes. This will show the Guardian’s hitbox despite the Darkness effect, meaning players can keep track of the mob even if they can’t see it.

3) Use a ranged weapon

An example of a player with a hotbar full of loaded crossbows (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)
An example of a player with a hotbar full of loaded crossbows (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)

Since Warden is so dangerous in close combat, players should stick to using bows or crossbows to deal damage.

The mob has a ranged attack that can focus on players and go through walls. However, it has much less damage than its melee counterpart (three hearts on easy difficulty, five hearts on normal, and 7.5 hearts of damage on hard difficulty).

Between the ability to stay out of melee range and the shorter range damage that the Guardian has, there are two additional advantages that ranged weapons have. The first is that players can load multiple crossbows ahead of time and then fire very quickly. The second is the use of pointed arrows, which can apply effects to the Guardian from a safe distance.

4) Summon some Withers

An example of Wither (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)
An example of Wither (Image via Minecraft/Mojang)

The Wither is a Minecraft boss that players can summon in the Overworld. They can do this by making a T with four Soul Sands and then placing three Wither Skulls on the top horizontal part of the T.

The Wither is a mob that can fly and fire explosive orbs to deal large amounts of damage to targets. While the Guardian would be able to defeat a single Wither in combat, two or more Withers should be able to defeat the Guardian.

The obvious downside to this method is that players now have some Withers that they’ll need to defeat themselves. However, it cannot be overstated how effective they are at taking down the Guardian.

5) Keep multiple Totems of Undying in the hotbar for quick access

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As stated earlier in this list, the Warden can deal incredible amounts of damage in close combat and is also no slouch in range. This means that players can quickly become victims of the mob if they are not prepared.

The most vital item to effectively fight the Guardian is the Totem of Eternity. These totems will allow Minecraft players to avoid death, leaving them with half a heart and the regeneration effect for a short time.

Immortality Totems can only be used once, but can be farmed during village raids. Players should have an ample supply of these totems to keep in their left hand so that any mistakes while fighting the Guardian do not result in death.

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