Resident Evil series showrunner on how the show fits into the franchise

Resident Evil series showrunner on how the show fits into the franchise

from the creator andres dabbthe Netflix series demonic resident (which comes from the popular media franchise created by Capcom) serves as the third live-action adaptation set in this universe. Taking its backstory and video game lore but branching off into its own original continuity, the show takes place in a perspective of dual timelines, one taking place in our present and one in a semi-future. far.

In 2022, Dr. Albert Wesker (lance reddick) and their two daughters, Jade (smart tamara) and Billie (sienna sharpong) have recently moved into a new planned community known as New Raccoon City, a vision set forth by the mysterious Umbrella Corporation, in which Wesker serves as an executive and researcher publicly tasked with creating a new product known as “Joy”. Secretly, however, Wesker is trying to engineer a response to the epidemic of something called the “T Virus”. Meanwhile, Jade and Billie, suspicious of their father’s real work, begin digging into Umbrella’s secrets, much to the annoyance of Wesker’s boss and company director, Evelyn Marcus (Paola Nunez).


In the future timeline of 2036, Jade (she balinska) is on the run from Umbrella, who is looking for her for some nefarious purpose, but she also has to survive dangerous groups of “zeros”, those who have been infected by the T-Virus, to get home to her family. . However, Jade’s situation becomes even more complicated when it is revealed that not only Umbrella, but her sister Billie (adeline rodolfo) has quite a bit of bone to choose from with her as well.

Prior to the show’s premiere on July 14, Collider had the opportunity to speak briefly with Dabb about taking on this series as his first post post.Supernatural project and where is it demonic resident The show fits into the general timeline of the franchise. Over the course of the interview, which you can watch above or read below, Dabb also discusses how the series is putting its own spin on zombies, what this incarnation of Umbrella is up to, which characters from the franchise he’d love to introduce in future seasons. . , and more.

Collider: I’d love to start with how this all started for you, because you’re coming off a show like Supernatural, who had such an impressive career. But then, thinking about the next steps, what made you want to take something like this series as your next project?

ANDREW DABB: It was two things. Number one is that I’m just a huge fan of demonic resident. You know what I want to say? And the games and the movies. The games were defining in a way, for me, just for the period of the horror genre. In terms of likes, they really shape what I think horror is and what really works, and you could see that in Supernatural at different points. And then I think the movies are a little bit underrated, because they were one of the first movies that really took multiple genres and brought them together, whether it’s sci-fi, horror, action, and everything in between. So they are really defining in two different ways. When the opportunity presented itself, I said, “Oh, I’d love to do that. The story is very interesting.”

It was like, okay, if you’re going to do it, how can you make it feel any different than what’s out there? Fortunately, demonic resident itself has a lot of elements that you can do that with, with the monsters and some of the backstory and the corporate maneuvering and the crazy conspiracies. Then they allowed us, being Netflix and Capcom, to build on that as well. So the games are the backstory, but now we’re branching out into our own little world.

I guess that brings me to my next question. What can you reveal or explain about the show’s timeline for people wondering where this fits into the bigger picture? demonic resident universe?

DB: Sure. So basically everything game wise [that] has been released so far, which is Village, it’s our backstory, and from that point, the games are going to go in this direction, we’re going to go in this direction. Trust me, if games do something… If we’re lucky enough to get more seasons and games do something amazing like Resident Evil 9, let’s steal that. We’ll happily steal it, but we’re not letting the games know. Capcom has their own beautiful plan for where they plan to take things. That’s great. And then the movies are, I would say, like an alternate reality. You know what I want to say? Certainly, tonally, staging-wise, we’re certainly inspired by the movies. I love movies, but the character of Alice and things like that don’t really exist in this world.

it’s like him demonic resident multiverse

DABB: It’s like the demonic resident… exactly. The good news is that we are all now very familiar with the multiverses. So, it fits perfectly.

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What is the biggest challenge that people might not be aware of when it comes to tackling a program like this, which is based on existing intellectual property?

DABB: I think the most important thing is many times [when] you’re dealing with IP, you’re dealing with what I would call dead IP. So it’s a novel that exists or a movie series that came out 20 years ago. demonic resident, when we were developing, he had a movie, he had an animated series, another game came out, and we. That’s the liveliest the IP gets. So you want to do something that, again, feels at peace with everything else, but is distinctively its own. It’s not like if you watch the movie and you watch the show, you’re like, “Oh, that’s the same thing. Why should I watch that again?” Or you watch the show and you play, you think, “Why am I doing this?” My hope is that it all comes together and you watch the show and you get to the end and say, “You know what? I really want to go play those games.” Or, “I really want to go watch,” and Netflix will pop up and say, “Watch the Resident Evil movie.” You’re like, “I’d like to see that.” You see it and it feels like a world. Hopefully it will all fall into place somehow.

Seeing this, and you also get this feeling from the trailers, Umbrella is above it all, which is appropriate, considering the name. What can you share about this incarnation of Umbrella on the show and what they’ve been up to?

DABB: Umbrella, for most of its history, was essentially a weapons manufacturer for the US government. That wasn’t that great for a number of reasons, which you play, you know. Umbrella now, under Evelyn Marcus: her father founded the company, it was stolen from her. She went in and picked up the pieces and rebuilt Umbrella into a different image, one that’s a little bit more… It’s like Pfizer or something. Modern But with that old school, maybe ethically questionable DNA. So that’s the fun. You see it as a company, Atari or whatever, that falls down and then gets built up again, which, by the way, is a very old reference, because Atari doesn’t exist anymore, but at one point, it’s gone. through that cycle. You don’t have to trust me on that.

I’m sorry you can’t talk about demonic resident Not to mention the monsters, and there are some twisted ones in this show. I’m not sure what you can say, but what can you tease so far for the fans in terms of what we’ll see in Season 1?

DABB: When it comes to the monsters, both zombies and what we call super zombies, zombies that are maybe not the traditional types chasing brains, and then hybrid creatures as well, what we wanted to do is, these are things that a lot of of them have existed in the games in one form or another. We wanted to put our own spin on them and also make them feel like something that exists on the broadcast today. Visual effects have gotten a lot better, not just since the movies, but in the last couple of years, when it comes to television specifically and broadcast specifically. It was a lot of fun bringing those things to life and hopefully we’ll knock on wood, we’ll be able to keep doing it.

The show definitely has its roots in gaming lore, gaming world, but one of the themes that really stood out to me is family, the intimate sense of family connection, but it comes from a surprising source in Albert Wesker. What can you say about the relationship that he and his daughters have this season?

DABB: Yes, and that’s on purpose, you know what I mean? We wanted game fans to see Albert as a suburban dad and say, “How did that happen?” And then we explore that over the course of the games. I think his relationship with his daughters is complicated. As if they are his daughters and he loves them, but at the same time he is a very distant father. Let’s put it that way. I think a lot of parents see his children as a means to an end, and I think Albert looks at his daughters that way too. Yes, he had them because he wanted children, but he also had them for a reason.

With the show tied into the franchise in its own way, are there any specific characters from the franchise that you hope to be able to introduce at some point beyond the ones we’ve met so far?

DABB: All of them. That is my hope. If the show lasts long enough. Look, there’s… Certainly, by the end of the show, we’re joking around with the characters, including Ada Wong. If we’re lucky enough to get a season 2, I think we can expect various characters from the games to show up in unavoidable and hopefully slightly surprising ways.

Provided it does get a season 2, will we see more of the dual timeline, a sort of back-and-forth between past and present as those mysteries start to unfold?

Yes, definitely.

demonic resident is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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