Minecraft updates the Nether still needs

Minecraft updates the Nether still needs

In Minecraft 1.16, the Nether dimension went through a major revamp, which was much needed. The dimension received new biomes, new enemy types, and even a precious new resource called Netherite, which became stronger than diamond tools. Given how unpopular the Nether was to explore, this was a hugely successful update.

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That said, there’s always more that can be done to make the Nether even more of a core element of Minecraft How to play There are a ton of limitations that still make the game feel a bit stale in the Nether. This is how the Nether still needs to be updated in the future.

7 world generation changes

Now that the Overworld has received its huge caves and cliffs, it would only seem fitting that the Nether gets the same treatment. While the Nether’s terrain generation is already quite interesting with a massive cave look and ceiling, there’s a lot more Mojang could do with it.

They could introduce more vertical biomes, with some only spawning at certain elevations, similar to the deep, dark biome found in the Overworld. Alternatively, the famous Nether ceiling could be revamped to be an actual accessible area, rather than something players just fail at.

6 a new resource

Netherite is a fantastic resource with a high-risk, high-reward mining method, but it doesn’t have to be the only good resource to be found in the Nether. There are a lot of materials that Mojang hasn’t introduced yet that could be added to the game, like volcanic rocks or something similar.

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Fantasy-themed resources would also be welcome. Perhaps another precious resource similar to diamonds, gold, or iron that could be used to craft another level of weapons and armor in the game? There are some great options Mojang could play with here.

5 More options to live in the Nether

Right now, the game assumes that players will primarily be living in the Overworld, but that’s very limiting. Players should be able to live in all three dimensions if they want to, just to give the game a bit more variety and flavor.

The Respawn Anchor is already a great start in this direction, but there needs to be more biomes and options for players to really thrive in the Nether. Food and even water could be accessible in the Nether in some way, shape or form.

4 Another unique enemy type

The Nether is in dire need of new enemies, and here’s why. The Piglins were a decent addition, but they look a bit too much like their zombie counterparts. What the Nether really needs is something completely different and new, something similar to how Striders, Ghasts and Hoglins are unique.

Only the sky is the limit when it comes to new creatures. Mojang could feature both hostile and passive beings, and Warped Forest, in particular, seems like an interesting location choice as it currently only features Endermen, who have been in the game for a while.

3 Make abyssal debris and basalt deltas matter

Not all biomes in Minecraft it’s necessarily useful for something, but giving them utility would make the game feel more dynamic and interesting. I would also encourage exploration of these biomes. This is why the two worst biomes in the Nether, the Nether Wastes and the Basalt Deltas, need some kind of renovation.

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They could be given a new structure, mob type, or resource type that is unique to them. Basalt deltas in particular are interesting because they already have a high concentration of magma cubes, so the design is going in the right direction. Nether Wastes, however, is still a bit too simple to feel important.

two Introduce a new structure

The structures are what make this game so incredibly vibrant and interesting. The more structures Minecraft has, the better, as players will be tempted to venture out and explore. Given the popularity of adventure and RPG mods, it goes to show that most Minecraft players love new structures and places to explore for loot and rare enemies.

The Nether has two strong structures: Bastion Remnants and Nether Fortresses. Both are great structures, but there’s still room for something else, something that could be inspired by the Warped Forest that stands out from the rest of the Nether as something really unique.

1 Renew Abyssal Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are the main reason any player comes to the Nether, which is why these old vanilla structures really need to be revamped. By now, most players know how these fortresses work, what’s inside, and what they look like. It’s about time Mojang gave them a proper facelift and made them more interesting.

Nether Fortresses should feel even more dangerous than it already is. While Blazes and Wither Skeletons are great, maybe there could be more spawners for mobs or different types of rooms players need to tackle, with loot inside.

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