minecraft update caves still need

minecraft update caves still need

The caves and cliffs have recently been updated in Minecraftand, in general, the changes have been well received by fans. Caving has become much more interesting and exciting with big changes to world generation as well as the introduction of different cave biomes. A new fantasy-themed structure and biome, the Deep Dark, has even been added along with Warden.

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With that, it would seem difficult for Mojang to find even more ways to further improve the caves. However, everything could always be a little better in Minecraft, even if the game is already brilliant as it is. This is how the caves could still be improved in future updates.

6 More cave biomes

The cave biomes were extremely well-received by fans, which means there’s definitely room for more. The lush caves and stalactite caves are absolutely beautiful, and with the deep dark biome introduced as well, there’s plenty to explore. But who says there can’t be even more biomes?

Cave biomes could also depend on the Overworld biome type, so for example Mojang could introduce icy caves or jungle caves. Deserts could also have a unique type of cave with more sandstone blocks. Some resources might also be unique to these cave biomes, like mountain caves being the only ones that spawn emeralds for example.

5 most important structures

structures are important in Minecraft because they encourage players to get out there and explore. They also carry unique loot that makes them desirable for players to conquer. At this time, caves have deep dark mine shafts, dungeons, and cities as their main structures.

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However, given how big caves can get today, Mojang could easily add other cool structures deep into the caves. These could also depend on the biome. Lush caves might have little village-themed loot huts in them and icy caves might have something akin to yetis or polar bear dens with loot inside.

New caves mean larger areas to explore, and lighting is one of the main issues players will face when venturing into the depths. Fortunately, Mojang changed the way hostile mobs spawn (they now only spawn in total darkness), which means players don’t have to light up every nook and cranny. However, there is some room for innovation here.

Torches have been a method of access for a while now, but players could have portable flashlights at their disposal. Braziers would also be a great way to light up caves. Since some caves are huge, players should also have a way to shoot glowing or flaming arrows to light the way from a distance.

Mods have already introduced players to some extremely cool climbing tools, so why not include them in the game? The grappling hook could be an interesting addition, given the sheer size of some caves, and would replace the need to constantly build ladders or scaffolding out of bamboo.

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While the traditional method has been to scale with a bucket of water, Mojang has an opportunity here to bring some realism to the game with other options. A simple rope could be the answer and make rope an even more useful resource to collect before heading to the caves.

two Unique types of hostile mob

The Warden is the latest addition, the caves are in desperate need of more unique mobs. Most of the hostile mobs that spawn in caves, barring cave spiders, will also spawn at night in the Overworld, so they feel a bit boring.

Again, new hostile mobs could be created to match cave types. The lush caves may have poisonous flowers or snakes, or even nesting birds. Icy caves could have yetis, or polar bears could be put in them to give them a little more dimension as a passive mob. Desert caves could include mummies as a kind of fantasy-themed hostile mob.

1 Introduce Archeology and Treasures

There have been some early images showing archeology in Minecraft, but it’s unclear whether or not this will make it to the normal editions of the game, or become part of the Education edition. Either way, the possibility of archeology would be interesting as it would open up a whole new dimension of mechanics and gameplay instead. Minecraft. Perhaps archeology could allow players to discover ancient treasures, such as enchanted swords or armor?

Another feature is the buried treasure. Players already tested this feature in the 1.13 Aquatic update, with treasure maps and buried treasure. However, caves can also have buried treasures like beaches. Mojang could find some cool buried caches or fancy treasure rooms from ancient civilizations to really spice up the game.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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