How to get free rewards

How to get free rewards

There are several free items that players can get in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. Epic Games have released a lot of free cosmetics this season, but it turns out there are even more prizes to come in the near future.

Fortnite’s summer event is right around the corner and it’s going to go live any day now. This event will allow players to unlock many exclusive items.

In addition to the summer event, Epic Games will reward players for rebuilding Tilted Towers. According to leakers, this new feature will bring three new items that players will be able to unlock.

Rebuild The Block Missions: – Donate bars by voting for construction projects in The Block – Survive storm phases during the Rebuild the Block event – Eliminate enemy players during the Rebuild the Block event – Complete (7/3/12) the stages of the Rebuild the Block mission

Popular leakers also claim that the game developer will release free items during the collaboration with Dragon Ball . All things considered, it looks like this is going to be a fun summer with lots of rewards.

Rebuilding Tilted Towers will reward players with free Fortnite items

With the v21.30 update that was released on Monday, July 18, Epic Games added files related to rebuilding Tilted Towers. This iconic location will change during Chapter 3 Season 3 and players will be able to choose the new building.

The voting process will be done through the Funding Boards and it looks like Epic Games will reward players for participating in it. Here are all the rewards for rebuilding Tilted Towers:

  • Skydiving wake Sea-Wheeeed – Complete 3 stages of the Rebuild the Block mission
  • Pickaxe Lucky Lance – Complete 7 stages of the Rebuild the Block mission
  • Gold-Boris back bling – Complete 12 stages of the Rebuild the Block mission

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Players will have to progress through various stages to unlock all the items. These challenges, however, are extremely easy and can be completed by anyone who is active during the rebuild phase.

Players will need to donate gold bars, eliminate enemies, and survive storm phases during the event.

The items look amazing and will most likely be exclusive to the voting event. This means that they will not be released in the Item Shop at any point, making them very rare.

Fortnite players will also receive bonus XP for completing each stage of the Rebuilding the Block quest line. More specifically, each mission will reward 14,000 XP.

No Sweat Summer Quest will give 15K XPEach Rebuild The Block Quest will give 14K XP#Fortnite

The pickaxe has a special effect as it breaks when players use it to collect resources. As it breaks apart, it reveals new layers.

The back embellishment is inspired by Ouroboros, an ancient symbol that represents a snake biting its own tail.

Release date and more free cosmetic prizes

Free Fortnite items will be given out to players beginning Thursday, July 21. The event will kick off at 8am Eastern Time, and that’s when players will be able to begin the journey of rebuilding Tilted Towers.

There will be “Rebuild The Block Bonus Objectives” and 3 rewards! – Sea-Wheeeed Contrail – Lucky Lance Harvesting Tool – Gold-Boris BackblingMissions are blank at the moment, but the rewards are already visible!

In addition to the Tilted Towers Rebuild Event, Epic Games will likely launch the Summer Event soon as well.

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