Fortnite’s first-person mode gets an exciting update in the Summer 2022 update

Fortnite’s first-person mode gets an exciting update in the Summer 2022 update

While the third person mode has been unanimously accepted by the Fortnite community, it appears that Epic Games is currently working on another mode for the game. According to leaker HYPEX, the legendary first-person mode for Fortnite was updated in the game’s v21.30 summer update.

From the beginning, Fortnite has always had a third-person mode. Since the genre has building and survival mechanics at its core, it was necessary to make the game easier. The third-person mode allows players to place builds seamlessly and makes it easy to find things to search for.

Although players can tweak a few things here and there from the settings option, the camera angle remains the same. Truth be told, for those who have been playing the game for a while, the camera angle feels perfectly natural. However, all of that may soon change with the first-person mode.

The first person mode for Fortnite will probably be released soon

Although the details are not known, it is likely that the developers are putting the finishing touches on things regarding the first person mode. Since it’s been a work in progress for so long, there’s a good chance the new camera mode is ready. According to the leaker, it may release in Chapter 3 Season 4.

The first person mode has been updated quite a few times today, it could possibly be released in season 4 👀🔥 (Picture is just a concept)

Also, with Chapter 3 Season 3 already getting a major update in the form of the locker filing system, it’s unlikely another major mod will be added to the season. Also, when Epic Games adds new mechanics and features, it always does so at the beginning of the new season. That said, it will be interesting to see how the game looks from a first-person perspective.

What would Fortnite look like in first person mode? Would it be just as fun?

Although there is no official video from Epic Games showing off the new first-person mode, there are some footage available from Chapter 2 Season 2. At the time, a strange glitch caused the camera angle for players in the game to change from normal third person angle. Experimental person to first person mode. Here’s a clip.

@HYPEX Here are images from when C2S2 failed, which allowed people to stay in first person for better reference than the image.

Although the clip is over two years old, it gives a good picture of what players can expect to see in the official first-person mode. Now that the game is played on Unreal Engine 5, the visuals will also be more attractive and sharp. However, there are some questions that need answering.

For starters, how will players build in first person mode? With camera angles limited, will loopers be able to pull off quick, crazy 90 edits? It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the answer is no. Without a clear 360 degree line of sight, attempting to build will become challenging.

@HYPEX I can’t wait to play this without compilation First person compilation mode would be weird

The developers will surely think of something to overcome this problem, but from a logical perspective, there is not much that can be done. Even if Epic Games introduces a dual camera system like the one present in No Man’s Sky and other survival games, it may not be enough.

On the other hand, players who prefer Fortnite’s Zero Build mode will be able to fully utilize the new first-person camera. With the building mechanics removed from the equation, looting and shooting can also be done with ease.

Readers can expect more updates on this upcoming feature towards the end of the current season.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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