Fortnite: All Summer Missions and Rewards with No Sweat

The All No Sweat Summer Event in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 features a list of exciting summer-themed challenges and rewards for players.

Fortnite fans have a lot of work this summer with the next Episode 3 Season 3 themed event, “All No Sweat Summer”. This event features a host of engaging challenges for players to complete, along with some exciting new cosmetic rewards for participants to show off their vibrant spirit for some summer fun. Weather Fortnite Fans can win various prizes while playing the game naturally, there are various difficult tasks that require players to try their best to complete. Consequently, understanding the goals of the challenge will help participants progress toward unlocking the cosmetics they want.


Please note that not all All No Sweat summer quests will reward players with a cosmetic item. Instead, most challenges will net players 15,000 XP, while several unique tasks will unlock the summer-themed goods. Nonetheless, 15,000 XP is a lot of progression for the Battle Pass one at a time. Episode 3 Season 3allowing players to fast-track their way to earning limited-season emotes, outfits, and other cosmetics.

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Also, there are collective challenges in All No Sweat Summer that reward Fortnite fans for completing a specified number of event quests. For example, completing three No Sweat Summer Quests will grant players the Back Bling Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem (Nana Frost Style) in Fortnite. Therefore, participants must keep an eye on how many challenges they have completed to ensure that they will receive the rewards related to the progression.

How to complete all summer missions without sweat in Fortnite

Fortnite All No Sweat Summer Quests and Rewards

Here is a list of all the no sweat summer quests on Fortniteincluding their corresponding rewards:

  • Destroy large sea buoys with speedboat missiles (0/3): No sweat Music Menu
  • Emoticon at different promo dance floor locations (0/2): Ice Blast Snow Crunchem (Fish Burst Style) Back Bling
  • Land after jumping from the battle bus during the No Sweat Summer event (0/1): Icy Snow Crunchem Backpacking Accessory
  • Pick up a No Sweat poster (0/2): Ice Blast Snow Crunchem (Meowscles Style) Back Bling
  • Put the No Sweat signs in an official container (0/1): Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Goopy Guff style) Back Bling
  • Catch three seconds of air while riding a speedboat in Fortnite (0/1): 15K XP
  • Complete a lap around the boat race after the initial countdown (0/1): 15K XP
  • Emoticon in different named locations (0/3)
  • Shoot the firework flare gun at Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers (0/1): 15K XP
  • Jump on umbrellas along the beach (0/5): 15K XP
  • Kick a beach ball and kick a giant beach ball (0/2): 15K XP
  • Make a character dance with a Boogie Bomb (0/1): 15K XP
  • Inflatable objects Pop No Sweat Summer (0/3): 15K XP
  • Remove No Sweat signs from recalled products (0/3): 15K XP
  • Ring doorbells until they break (0/3): 15K XP
  • Throw an ice cream cone at different named locations (0/3): 15K XP
  • Complete three No Sweat Summer missions (0/3): Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Nana Frost style) Back Bling on Fortnite
  • Complete seven No Sweat Summer missions (0/7): Sweaty Sailor Umbrella
  • Complete fourteen No Sweat Summer missions (0/14): sweaty rotation gesture

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC.

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