Does Fortnite bring back Pump Shotgun? New viral tweet explained

Does Fortnite bring back Pump Shotgun?  New viral tweet explained

The Fortnite community was apparently ecstatic over a new Twitter reveal. According to the alleged leak, the developers were ready to bring the beloved Pump Shotgun back to the game.

His illusory happiness did not last long, as the tweet soon turned false.

The upheaval in the community came after a Twitter user posted an alleged screenshot of their conversation using the official Fortnite Twitter handle. In the discussion, they had asked the developers if they would bring the old shotgun meta into the title.

The tweet soon picked up steam and went viral.

One of the most beloved weapons in Fortnite history, the Pump Shotgun outclasses any other firearm in the shotgun meta. This high-damage, pump-action pistol has been a user’s first choice for melee combat.

However, it was skipped for the final season.

False tweet disturbs the Fortnite community

Apparently, the Twitter user took it upon himself to ask Fortnite how many likes they would need for them to bring the OG pump shotgun and old shotgun meta to the game.

According to the post, the developers responded with ‘3000 likes’, to which the user replied: ‘it’s impossible’. A screenshot of the conversation was later posted on Twitter.

Wtf LFG, we’re crazy… I’m speechless about the power that Twitter has and especially the power of FN Comm… I’m really grateful for all the support and passion that all of you put into achieving our goal 😍… I hope @fortnitegame sees this tweet and keeps their promise!

The user had asked people to ‘make it possible’. The tweet soon went viral and crossed the threshold of 3,000 likes within moments.

The community soon began to rejoice at the return of the legend until some sneaky users messed it up. They realized the conversation was fabricated and the tweet turned out to be a feeble attempt to gain influence.

Users were quick to pick up on the fact that the official Fortnite Twitter handle does not offer an option to chat with them. In fact, the same goes for most of the popular Twitter handles.

It serves as an extra layer of protection against unwanted and annoying texts.

As soon as the post turned false, the community was quick to dissect the tweet to rule out any possibility that it was genuine. Examining the post, an obvious problem arose.

The screenshot had the footer “Twitter for Android” while the app’s UI was that of an iOs device.

After this disclosure, the tweet was confirmed to be false. Although the community was bummed out, it was quick to put the user in his place.

The post was bombarded with an overabundance of comments. While most claimed the tweet was fake, some outraged loopers went the other way and belittled the user for posting such content.

@SastoKFn @GameFortnite Brother, just stop. Each of your tweets are just impression farms. Bros try to get clout the wrong way

However, some gamers thought the post was genuine and that Fortnite would bring back the OG shotgun. This incident is a testament to the fact that the community is very cautious about leaks and speculation.

Although the tweet was hyped for some time, it was soon shot down by those who love the game.

The incident also sheds light on the pitfalls of leaks. Players should avoid such influencer hunters and only rely on established leakers like HYPEX and ShiinaBR for their fix of new leaks and upcoming developments.

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