10 hidden details and references

10 hidden details and references

The Netflix adaptation of the demonic resident The video game series has finally released its first season after much anticipation. The TV show takes place in its own universe, but features game plots in both its backstory and main plot that will be recognizable to fans of the long-running game series.

Within the adaptation, Netflix has made sure to have a lot of easter eggs and other hidden details and references to the original video games and even some of the movies that have been made in the past. These details give the series a good foundation for repeated viewing, as fans are sure to notice more and more with each viewing.


10 Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

The famous piano sonata composed by Ludwig Von Beethoven in the early 17th century is an important part of the treasure hunt that Albert designed for Billie and Jade in the fifth episode. This famous composition is also central to the first demonic resident game as a search tool.

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Outside of the game and the importance of the show, the Moonlight Sonata is a small part of the tradition within the demonic resident universe. It is known to be Umbrella Corporation co-founder Oswell Spencer’s favorite song.

9 octagons

Albert Wesker from Netflix's Resident Evil.

The shape of an octagon is most notable for having the same shape as the Umbrella Corporation logo within the demonic resident Serie. The logo is well known among fans as it features a skyward view of the head of the eight-section red and white umbrella.

As a tribute to this iconic logo, the Netflix adaptation hides several octagons throughout the episodes of the series. The earrings worn by Jade Wesker in the first episode are octagonal, and there are also several frames within the Wesker household of the same shape.

8 crocodile attack

Giant crocodile from Netflix's Resident Evil.

Alligator and crocodile infestations are common within the demonic resident universe, appearing in four of the video game installations. This is more common in resident evil 2where players face a giant alligator boss.

The Netflix adaptation looks to pay homage to this memorable boss fight by introducing a mutated giant alligator to the show. This alligator peculiarly does not attack Bea in the series finale, signaling to Billie Wesker that there is something special about her.

7 The chemical compound P30

Resident Evil Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker

While never directly mentioned in the series, the chemical compound P30 is referenced via flashback in episode seven of the Netflix adaptation. Albert Wesker asks Alby to repair some sort of “mind control device”, a reference to the chemical compound P30 that was used to control Jill Valentine in the game’s lore.

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This compound also makes another covert appearance on the show, and is referred to as a “chest mount” by Albert within the show. This refers to the Scarab contraption, which is a chest device that emits P30 to control the user’s mind and is used by Valentine in Resident Evil: Beyond.

6 chainsaw man

Chainsaw Man standing in Resident Evil

An especially memorable enemy found in Resident Evil 4, the Chainsaw Man is easily identifiable by the burlap sack he wears as a mask, as well as the giant chainsaw he wields. There’s even a giant version of him inside the Mercenaries minigame in Resident Evil 4 that players can fight.

Within the show, the Chainsaw Man plays a small but gruesome role in episode 4 while Baxter and Jade are being held in the Brotherhood prison. He is seen chopping up prisoners to provide fodder for the zombies.

5 Zombified Doberman Attack

Resident Evil Zombie Dog

One of the biggest jump scares within the original. demonic resident The game is provided by a zombie dog that bursts through a window to attack players. This remarkable attack was also replicated in 2002 demonic resident film and serves as an iconic moment within the beginning of the franchise.

The Netflix adaptation pays homage to this jump start in the first episode, a fitting reference to one of the scariest moments in the first game. Billie accidentally released a zombified Doberman into her father’s building, which chases the girls and ends up attacking Billie before Jade can kill him.

4 Arklay Mountains Retrospective

Zombie Horde Netflix Resident Evil Trailer

The Arklay Mountains are a long-standing feature within the demonic resident universe, serving as the home of the mansion incident, as well as being the place where Lisa Trevor is suspected of hiding. With its centrality to the franchise’s lore, the Netflix adaptation is sure to introduce it like an Easter egg.

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The appearance of the Arklay Mountains within the television series is as the setting for the flashback in episode seven. The flashback sees Albert Wesker at an Umbrella outpost in 2005, where he conducts a search of three of his clones investigating in the mountains.

3 Red9 shotgun

Richard Baxter walking down the stairs with a soldier behind him in Resident Evil.

The Red9 Shotgun is a notable weapon available for purchase inside Resident Evil 4, notable for its ancient appearance. It is the most powerful shotgun in the game and can also be upgraded by attaching a stock to improve aim and reduce recoil.

This powerful weapon appears in the Netflix adaptation in episode four when Baxter and Jade are imprisoned by the Brotherhood. Given the easily identifiable long barrel and vintage look, it’s certain that the shotgun Baxter uses to fend off zombies as he tries to escape from prison is the Red9.

two Appearance of the Lickers

Licker from Netflix's Resident Evil.

The lickers, the twice-mutated humans who are recognizable by their exposed brain tissue and namesake tongue, are some of the creepiest creatures on Earth. demonic resident. They get their screen time as the main culprits in an intense attack scene in episode three.

As Jade hides with a convoy of refugees in cars after hearing lickers nearby, Baxter inadvertently alerts them to her location. After that, the iconic demonic resident the creatures attack, killing a large number of the convoy before they escape through a utility hatch.

1 paul the dog

Pablo the barking dog in Resident Evil.

One of the more subtle Easter eggs found within the Netflix adaptation is Pablo the dog’s namesake. Jade and Billie’s dog within the show is featured prominently in the series finale, where Jade distracts Roth with instructions to take care of Pablo so Billie can get supplies behind her back.

Fans with a deep understanding of voice acting within video game installations will recognize that the sisters’ dog has a significant name. Pablo the Dog is a nod to Canadian voice actor Pablo Kuntz, who played Albert Wesker in the original. demonic resident.

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