Resident Evil Characters Only In One Game That Should Return For RE9

Resident Evil Characters Only In One Game That Should Return For RE9

demonic resident has a lot of recurring characters, but there are characters that have only been in one game so far that deserve another chance to come back RE9 or beyond. It’s even more embarrassing that characters brimming with potential and interesting stories have been relegated to appearing in spin-off games and never seen again. If Rose Winters is still the past leading lady RE8 DLC, then it would be the perfect time to include other characters who haven’t had a chance to appear since their debut.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Resident Evil series.]

demonic resident is a franchise of survival horror action games that focus on viruses ranging from the T-Virus to mold. The games take place in various locations, with the most iconic being Raccoon City and Spencer Mansion. As games progressed they turned towards action and lost the elements that drew players in, but RE7 Y demonic resident Village returned to survival horror and reinvigorated the franchise.


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There have been games released throughout the franchise’s life that are not part of the main games, but have characters that could fit into the main plotlines just fine. A perfect example is Manuela de Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles because she is part of Leon’s history with Krauser. Also, she, like Sherry, successfully lives as a human despite being infected by a virus. Even some of the main games have characters that appear in one game and could fit into later games, like Sheva and Carlos, but get left behind and forgotten about.

Carlos Oliveira has a grudge against Umbrella that RE9 could resolve


Carlos Oliveira in Resident Evil 3 Help Jill survive the T-Virus infection in Raccoon City as it is being overrun by zombies. She works for the Umbrella Corps at the time Raccoon City is in chaos, but is unaware that Umbrella is the reason the outbreak occurred. During the course of RE3Carlos learns the truth about Umbrella, and this starts a grudge that he carries long after Raccoon City is destroyed.

After the events of RE3, the official story is that Carlos is going to live in South America. Considering that he is still angry about Umbrella’s actions, he might have decided to join an organization like the BSAA or Terrasave to help fight Umbrella’s work that other groups have continued. Since they’ve already worked together, it might be fun for Capcom to have both Carlos and Jill Valentine return. Resident Evil 9.

Natalia Korda from Resident Evil Revelations 2 could return as a villain


Natalia partners with Barry Burton in Resident Evil Revelations 2 while looking for his daughter, Moira. After being traumatized by the bioterrorist attack on Terragrigia, where Natalia lived at the time, she could no longer feel fear. Therefore, she took her as an experiment with ten Terrasave employees to test which of them is the most suitable to become a superhuman. Because Natalia is considered to be the most suitable superhuman candidate of hers, she is put into a coma to undergo a process that will transfer Alex Wesker’s memories to her.

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After the events of the game, Natalia is adopted by Barry Burton. It’s unclear if Alex’s memories will take over or if Natalia will be able to hold on to her own identity. However, the possibility of Alex’s conscience taking over makes it possible for Natalia to become a villain. If Rose is the protagonist of Resident Evil 9then the time jump gives Natalia plenty of time to grow up too.

Manuela Hidalgo from RE: The Darkside Chronicles could be Rose’s mentor


Before the events of Resident Evil 4, Leon S. Kennedy is sent to Operation Javier and works with Krauser to complete it. While looking for Javier, they meet his daughter, Manuela. Javier infected Manuela with the T-Veronica virus to save her from the incurable disease that killed her mother, but she needs regular organ transplants as the virus ravages her body. Manuela is able to maintain control over her mind and retain her humanity through sheer force of will.

After Javier’s death, Manuela is arrested by the United States government. Her life has likely followed a similar path to Sherry’s, where she is tested by the government and eventually works for them in some capacity. If that’s the case, then it might be interesting for Capcom to bring back Manuela as Rose Winters’ mentor in Resident Evil 9 because they both have unique abilities that come from being mutated.

RE5’s Sheva Alomar Deserves a Return in Resident Evil 9


Despite its flaws, resident bad 5 It has a fun cooperative system, with the second player taking control of Sheva Alomar. Her home was destroyed in an outbreak caused by Umbrella’s experiments on her employees, but Sheva survived and joined the BSAA when she grew up. She is chosen as Chris Redfield’s partner when he investigates an outbreak in West Africa. However, her presence is largely overshadowed by Chris, and she feels more like she is accompanying him on his journey to find Jill and stop Wesker.

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Depending on which direction Capcom takes with Resident Evil 9they could put Sheva in a main role if she decides not to use Rose and set the game in West Africa in a style similar to R.E. village. Sheva has a tumultuous past, but she overcame the obstacles she faced and works to save others from the fate that befell her home. RE5 may not be one of the best demonic resident games, but that doesn’t mean Sheva shouldn’t get another chance to appear in RE9 and continue helping those who need it.

The long life of demonic resident franchise means that there are a large number of characters that appear in the games, whether they appear once or multiple times. However, many of the characters that are in only one game deserve another chance to appear in Resident Evil 9 because they’re interesting, and some of the recurring characters could use a break to make room for a new set of heroes and villains. Other characters that appear only once have stories that end unresolved because they are never seen again in the franchise. Instead of bringing Chris Redfield back for RE9Capcom needs to branch out and include a more diverse set of characters from demonic residentis past.

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