Minecraft players can go to infinity and beyond with Lightyear DLC

Minecraft players can go to infinity and beyond with Lightyear DLC

A new Minecraft DLC takes players to infinity and beyond by adding new environments and character skins from Pixar’s Toy Story spinoff Lightyear.

The newest one Minecraft DLC is bringing the worlds and characters of Pixar Light-year to the Microsoft creation/survival sandbox title. Weather Minecraft is largely known for allowing players to build their own custom worlds and items within its block-based environment, many crossovers have occurred Minecraftincluding fun links for properties like angry birds, Sonic the HedgehogY Ice Age. Meanwhile, Minecraft players have created their own crossovers by recreating classic scenes, locations, and vehicles from everything from Star Wars a Aura.

One of MinecraftThe most official crossovers came from a 2021 DLC pack, which introduced character skins based on popular Disney characters, including the beloved Buzz Lightyear from toy story fame. The quirky action figure he once thought was a real Space Ranger has appeared in many other video games before this one, such as his supporting role in the Toy Box world in kingdom hearts 3 and his much earlier turn as a playable character in the PS1 classic, Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue. Now, as the world learns more about the legendary hero who inspired Andy’s beloved toy in the recent Light-year movie, Buzz Lightyear is about to embark on a new journey into the world of Minecraft.


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The present day, nintendo of america released a trailer for the new minecraft light year DLC pack on his official Twitter account to announce its release in the Minecraft Market. This content pack includes five playable missions inspired by the new movie, as well as character skins for the Light-year version of Buzz Lightyear and his fellow space explorers. There’s also a lot of Light-year-inspired vehicles, locations and enemies, including Buzz’s XL spaceship, the colony ship that Buzz and the other space rangers are tasked with protecting in the movie, and Light-yearThe version of the evil Zurg, who also appears in disney mirror.

Opportunely, Light-year has drawn comparisons to video games for its more realistic take on Buzz Lightyear and his world since its first trailer dropped earlier this year, the most common being that Buzz resembles the Doom Slayer from CONDEMN fame. Meanwhile, a talented 3D artist recently reinvented Light-year like a PlayStation 1 game, complete with blocky character models that would be right at home in classic titles like demonic resident Y final fantasy 7.

Now Disney fans can see what Buzz Lightyear and his friends look like in a different kind of block-based video game thanks to Minecraft new batch of Light-yearDLC based on. In addition to playing through the five cinematic missions contained in this new pack, players will also be able to create their own space age. Minecraft Constructions of cities, buildings and environments for Buzz and his team to explore.

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