Fortnite v21.30 update brings new weapons, new super level styles and more

Fortnite v21.30 update brings new weapons, new super level styles and more

Over the course of each season, Fortnite new releases are what keep players interested in the game. These updates introduce new points of interest, liven up loot, and are eagerly awaited by fans. And now the Fortnite Update v21.30 has arrived in the game, and here’s what players can expect from the second content update of Chapter 3 Season 3.

The Battle Royale-inspired Prime Shotgun and new galleries, including the Deserted Fortress Collection, Waterfall Gallery, and Cuddle Tree Prop Gallery, are all included in the v21.30 release. With devices like the Accolade, Tracker and Beacon devices, there are hundreds of new icons that can be used. Added UI updates, bug fixes, and more.

Fortnite Battle Royale v21.30 Update

New Weapon: Primary Shotgun

Deal the most damage with the first shot in the mag when using the new Prime Shotgun, no warm-up required! the main shotgun is a unique shotgun that rewards players who reload frequently. This shotgun deals bonus damage when fired from a full clip! Reload that first round over and over again to maximize its damage.

Fortnite Update v21.30
Image via epic games

The remaining three shots deal a constant damage rate across all three bullets, although they are not as powerful as the first. Of course, the on-screen ammo counter lets you keep track of how many shots are left, but you can also use the shotgun’s light display to do so.

New Super Level Styles Now Available

Fortnite Update v21.30
Image via epic games

This season’s top tier styles have received an update! You can now select the Platinum Rift, Lapis Slurp, and Auric Blaze styles along with all other combinations of Malik, Evie, Adira, Sabina, and Stormfarer.

Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Prime Shotgun is not included in competitive playlists.
  • Arena Zero Build now has Overshield Siphon. Eliminating a player will grant a full 50 health Overshield immediately.
  • Fixed an issue related to Rift-To-Gos not spawning Rift but still consuming, caused by trading items too soon while Rift-To-Go was activated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused weapon sights to scale with the size of the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue in Team Rumble that prevented players from using tents.
  • Fixed an issue on Nintendo Switch that caused players to freeze after sliding or taking cover.
  • Fixed an issue in Competitive Playlists that caused Storm Sickness to reset when restarting a teammate.
  • Fixed in a hotfix on Jul 12, 2022:
    • Fixed an issue that caused player audio settings to reset to 0.
    • Fixed an issue that caused player settings to not save correctly.

Fortnite Creative v21.30 Update

The new Player Marker device is now available

With the Player Marker device, you can make a marker that shows a player’s health, shield, resources, and distance from other players on the island on their nameplate. To your bookmark, you can also add a custom symbol and text. Both the main map and the minimap show markers.

Fortnite Update v21.30
Image via epic games

Remember that the player marker is not visible unless a player has a name tag attached to their player. If you don’t see the additional information when trying out your island, make sure you have dog tags turned on. You can do it by going to My Island > Settings and scroll down to the Always show nameplates adjustment. set it to always show everyone either Always show the team.

New Prop Galleries are now available in-game.

With the new Waterfall Gallery, you can add waterfalls to your islands! Plus, the new Cuddle Tree Item Gallery gives you options to create an interesting Cuddle Team themed area.

The waterfalls are finally here! You have a selection of waterfall shapes and sizes to place on your islands.

Fortnite Update v21.30
Image via epic games

Turn your island into a Cuddle Team haven with the Cuddle Tree.

Fortnite Update v21.30
Image via epic games

User interface changes and optimizations

the Tracker device now supports new Mission icon and color options! Targets displayed on the HUD have a new visual style also. Choose from hundreds of icons to find the right image for your missions, and make each mission’s banner a different color to help players easily identify them.

  • Creative exclusive assets added. deserted fortresswhich has a prefab and three galleries.
    • Deserted Fortress Prefab
    • Gallery of Stairs and Floor of Abandoned Fortress
    • Deserted Fortress Wall Gallery
    • Deserted Fortress Prop Gallery
  • Added the waterfall gallery.
  • Added the Hugs Tree Accessory Gallery.

device updates

  • You can now use the search bar in the Color Picker and Icon Picker to search for a color or icon by name. Any color that is not named is now associated with its hexadecimal code representation.
  • The icon library has been expanded with an additional 274 icons! This will affect the following devices:
    • award device
    • ball generating device
    • beacon device
    • Capture area device
    • explosive device
    • map indicating device
    • Objective Object Gallery
    • player counting device
    • player marking device
    • tracking device
  • a new Do not dissapear Added option to Creature Spawner and Creature Pleasure devices. With this option set to Increatures will not disappear when they move too far away from the device.
  • Fixed an issue where individual assets from the Iridescent Mountains Gallery could not be placed from the open Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where some assets in the Sports Gallery would not have destruction visual effects.
  • Fixed some text and spelling errors in the Creative UI.

device fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would be pushed through the Manipulator Prop device when they got close to it.
  • Fixed an issue where channels would reset on the Button device.
  • Fixed an issue with the Video Player device not playing videos in certain situations.
  • Fixed a memory issue with Item Spawners.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to place vehicles inside the Skydome Volume device.
  • Fixed an issue with the color picker search box in the Skydome Volume device customization panel.

Apart from that, the developers have fixed an issue related to the Campfire device where it will extinguish without receiving an extinguish signal.

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