A crossover between Genshin Impact and Fortnite would be epic

Genshin Impact and Fortnite fans are hoping for a collaboration between the two games. Both games have a history of collaboration with other video games.

fans of Genshin Impact Y Fortnite I have long awaited a collaboration between the two games, generating fan art that imagines what a Genshin Impact Y Fortnite crossover might seem. As both Genshin Impact Y Fortnite has a history of multiple crossovers with other video games, a future crossover between the two is not out of the question. Also, Genshin Impact is available on the Epic Store, one of the few third-party platforms from which players can download the desktop version of the game.

Genshin Impact previously did a crossover with horizon zero dawn, adding the game’s protagonist Aloy as a 5-star Cryo playable character. Although the crossover received mixed reactions, mainly due to Aloy’s abilities in Genshin Impact does not live up to the expectations of a 5 star character. Coincidentally, Aloy was also added as an outfit in Fortnite as part of the Gaming Legends series. Genshin Impact previously also did a crossover with another HoYoverse game, Honkai Impact 3rdwhat added Genshin ImpactFischl to the Honkaiverse.


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It seems unlikely that a Fortnite a character would be added Genshin Impact as a playable character as horizon zero dawnAloy was, especially considering Aloy’s status as one of the Genshin ImpactThe weakest 5 star characters. However, seeing Genshin Impact characters added to Fortnite seems much more likely, as the popular battle royale game features dozens of licensed characters from other video games, including tomb Raiderby Lara Croft, aurathe Master Chief, and God of WarIt’s Kratos Yes Fortnite Y Genshin Impact were going to collaborate, adding some of Genshin ImpactThe playable characters of as Outfits in Fortnite it would be great.

Could a Genshin Impact x Fortnite crossover happen?

Genshin Impact Fortnite Crossover would be an epic fan art Lumine flying next to the battle bus

A recent fan-made concept by droptopmk3 on Twitter (pictured above) saw Genshin Impact‘s Lumine flying through the sky above Teyvat, along with Fortnite‘s Battle Bus in a Battle Royale game mode. Although it is unlikely Genshin Impact would add a full Battle Royale mode, it gives an exciting insight into what Genshin Impact the characters could be seen in a real battle. What Genshin Impact It has over fifty playable characters and its roster continues to grow with every update, realistically only a few characters from the game could be added. Fortnite. When characters from Street Fighter were added to Fortniteonly some of the most famous fighters in the game were added as outfits.

A future cross between Genshin Impact Y FortniteIt is definitely possible, as the battle royale game is continually adding new licensed characters. Fortnite‘s Gaming Legends series exclusively features iconic video game characters and Genshin ImpactThe record breaking success of will definitely go down in video game history. The pre-existing relationship between HoYoverse and Epic Games seems to increase the odds of a collaboration between the two popular games coming to fruition. Until then, fans of Fortnite Y Genshin Impact you can enjoy the abundance of fan art created by the communities of both games.

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Font: droptopmk3/Twitter

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