Warzone cheats with MikeCrossbow, the most famous arbalest in Battle Royale

Warzone cheats with MikeCrossbow, the most famous arbalest in Battle Royale

Obligations is perhaps the only modern video game franchise with the richest history of skill shots, internet montages, and online virality. If the spirit of stunned deeds and million-to-one gunplay lives on in Warzone Pacific, it has to be Crossbow Mike.

If you’ve spent any time on Call of Duty social media, or follow the official Raven Software or Call of Duty accounts, you may have come across one of Mike’s clips. Whether it’s shooting unsuspecting drivers as they pass through Verdansk, or quickly switching to the passenger seat of a plane before taking out players under Caldera, Crossbow Mike has defined his own brand of Call of Duty cheats.

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But who is Mike? Many influencers and websites have taken notice of this high flying Vanguard in recent months, but how did all this come about? To find out, we contacted Michael to find out more about his eagle-eyed hobby.

“It actually started during corona. Everyone locked in and there wasn’t much to do. That’s when Warzone came out, and believe it or not, I wasn’t that into gaming before then. Warzone was the first game I really got into. So it’s a hobby that has become a big thing that it has become now.”

“Actually, I was already done with the game when the crossbow came out. I remember playing with it in Black Ops 2 and decided to give it a try. I found that learning timing, arrow drop, how far in front you should shoot was very interesting compared to other weapons, and that I was pretty good at it! The more I did it, the better I got, and I realized that he was making shots that basically no one else was making.”

Mike continued to use the crossbow as his primary weapon for about a year, at which point he began performing trick shots and long-distance sniping. When he got one right, he would upload the images to the Call of Duty: Gaming Community Facebook group, where more than 266,000 people post and react to Call of Duty content.

“A friend of mine has a Call of Duty group and he suggested I post my clips there. After 2 or 3 months, people encouraged me to make my own page. At first I was just having fun, but people kept urging me to create my own online presence. Group pressure!”

“One of my signature moves is doing it from the back of a quad, where I switch from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat, quickly shoot someone, and then walk away with a ‘Beep Beep.’ People really love that!”

Then Call of Duty: Vanguard was released, and with it came a whole new opportunity to get new clips in Warzone Pacific: “At first, it was just Vanguard weapons, which meant I couldn’t use my crossbow. So I practiced sniping at first. There were one or two people who were doing it before, but I was the most consistent with the plane snipers. Then when they added the ability to use crossbows, I hit the first plane-to-plane sniper hit. That was the one that went really viral, shared by Raven Software and the developers! That was also the shot that inspired them to make an in-game calling card.”

The Warzone Seat Change Calling Card
Caldera’s last trick shot, immortalized in business card form.

Recently, Mike has been opting for barrel-dump seat change kills, which require a bit more setup work than your typical impressive unlikely shot. “I play on a PlayStation 5, which allows me to quickly record the last 30 seconds or minutes of gameplay footage. I usually play just for the fun of it, but whenever I see an opportunity to kill from further range, I jump at it. With planes, I need to intentionally get my loadout, get on a plane and go for these shots.”

“The plane-to-plane takeover took two weeks to go away, white hit markers and blue hit markers. Those are the worst. That means you have them one shot away from death. I must have five or six clips where I get a blue hitmarker from great distances…”

As for why Mike goes through all of this, he says it’s the personal joy he gets from seeing people react to his videos that keeps him going. “I just have fun making cool shots in the game, and when I hit them, people tend to share it, and I really enjoy getting them excited about my shots. Usually people just upload regular games, where great players get 40-50 kills, which people love to see, but there aren’t a lot of people doing what I do.”

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