Top 5 Deadliest TNT Cannon Skins in Minecraft Update 1.19

Minecraft has remained in the spotlight largely due to its active multiplayer community. With game modes like PvP, Factions, Bedwars, Skywars, and Skyblock, there is no shortage of options for players who want to experience the game with others.

Knowing the basics of weaponized redstone can be vital to success in potential faction or PvP combat. Players can find five different styles of redstone explosives below, getting more destructive as the list goes on.

5 possible ways to build TNT and Redstone in Minecraft 1.19

5) redstone missile

The Redstone missile ready to launch at its obsidian target (Image via Minecraft)
The Redstone missile ready to launch at its obsidian target (Image via Minecraft)

This redstone explosive is not a cannon in the traditional sense, as it has a TNT projectile coming out of the main body’s casing. Instead, there are several blocks of TNT that are attached to a small flying machine that will explode when it comes into contact with an obsidian block.

The biggest drawback to this device is that it requires obsidian to stop it, which means players must either find a fortification that uses obsidian (but isn’t made of it), or they’ll need to plant an obsidian block at their designated target.

4) TNT Bomber

The fully built TNT bomber (Image via Minecraft)
The fully built TNT bomber (Image via Minecraft)

While this is not a traditional stationary redstone cannon, it still deserves a mention on this list. This design combines a flying machine with TNT launchers, through which players can rain down destruction from the skies.

The use of a rail and a mine cart in the design allows players to ride the flying machine safely and ensure it doesn’t topple over or break.

This is a more complex build, both in terms of the materials required and the order in which it must be done. This makes it more suitable for destroying fortifications that are particularly long, as the bomber can drop TNT long distances at once.

3) Compact TNT Cannon

The Compact TNT Launcher in action (Image via Minecraft)
The Compact TNT Launcher in action (Image via Minecraft)

This TNT cannon takes advantage of slime blocks’ ability to launch entities great distances when pushed by pistons. It’s not the most powerful redstone cannon design out there, nor is it the best for precisely timed shots, as the TNT will have to wait its full time in the air before exploding, rather than having a set range.

What this particular cannon design does have is that it makes up for its downsides, however, with its ease of construction, low cost of materials, and the ability to be built almost anywhere incredibly quickly. This makes for a great trap to quickly build and drop a TNT or two before quickly moving forward, in a guerilla warfare style of combat.

Clever builders could also build a dispensing system that works at the same time as slime launchers to launch multiple TNTs in a remarkably short amount of time.

2) Traditional TNT cannon

A traditional TNT cannon launching TNT (Image via Minecraft)
A traditional TNT cannon launching TNT (Image via Minecraft)

The traditional TNT cannon has to have a place on this list. This cannon features two lines of dispensers, the example cannon in the image above has seven dispensers on each line, facing a central water line that pushes the TNT to a singular point.

This collected TNT is under a main block which is launched by the explosion of the other 14 explosive blocks. This will throw the TNT pretty far, making it a great choice for a cannon that can hide a decent distance from the target to launch attacks.

1) Carpet Canyon

The Carpet Cannon ready to fire (Image via Minecraft)
The Carpet Cannon ready to fire (Image via Minecraft)

While the name might imply that this cannon uses rugs, it actually refers to the style in which the cannon launches its payload. Much more of a carpet bomb than a pinpoint hit, this cannon is an excellent choice for destroying fortifications on a large scale.

It has a relatively small footprint, requires only a five by seven by two area, and is relatively simple to build. Players will only need eight dispensers, three tiles, two buckets of water, a crowbar, a comparator, and a handful of redstone dust.

Due to the great destructive potential of the cannon, as well as the relative ease of building it, this is one of the deadliest TNT cannon designs in existence.


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