Things That Make No Sense in Netflix’s Resident Evil Series

Things That Make No Sense in Netflix’s Resident Evil Series

There have been many attempts to convert the demonic resident games into live action phenomena. The first came in 2002 with a movie that spawned a huge franchise. Last year there was another attempt to make a movie, Welcome to Raccoon Citywhich tried to reset things and follow the history of the games a little more closely.

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Both spin-offs did their own thing and didn’t purely follow the established tradition of demonic resident. This new Netflix show throws things into the distant future, but decides to keep the backstory of the games as canon. That sounds good on paper, but it also brings up a lot of questions, especially if it’s really canon.

8 Why wasn’t Jade given a mate?

from netflix demonic resident opens with Jade out in the country, investigating a group of zombies in London. She calls her husband, which reveals that Jade has been in London for six months. That’s a long time for an investigator to deal with a bunch of zombies when she could be collecting other data for the University.

However, there are two more strange things about this setup. One, they didn’t give him a partner, which seems like poor planning. Two, she doesn’t carry a weapon for emergencies, which also seems like poor planning given the whole zombie apocalypse.

7 Why call it New Raccoon City?

Why did Umbrella name the new settlement New Raccoon City when that might reflect poorly on the organization’s past? Also, why is everything so white in conformity? It is not that terraced houses in modern society become so white, as they are too clean.

It’s like everyone who lives in New Raccoon City is part of a cult, which might actually be the point. If Umbrella is so meticulous about housing designs, why don’t they make the kids wear uniforms too? There’s a lot of fishy stuff about Umbrella setting up in the 2022 timeline.

6 Umbrella facilities are not guarded

There is another obvious hole in Umbrella’s design of this new utopia. The organization’s building is a major security disaster waiting to happen. First, the doors are made of glass, which makes it easy for people to enter. It’s even easier to get into Umbrella headquarters because there are no guards on duty.

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This is apparently a billion dollar company with very sensitive materials hidden within its headquarters. The girls easily bypass security, which means that the AI ​​that controls everything is not that smart. Umbrella’s poor planning leads to the zombie apocalypse, presumably because Billie was bitten.

5 Evelyn’s obsession with joy

Why is Evelyn so obsessed with bringing Joy to market? It is never further explained that she is a wild CEO who wants the Umbrella corporation to prosper under her reign. Part of the reason seems to be that she feels the company was stolen from her father. She also talks about wanting to heal the world of depression and anxiety.

There may be something in the second season that explains why he feels that way. Right now, though, she’s just the epitome of evil. It’s in a cartoonish way that doesn’t make sense as she sees the bad tests going on. Is the world worth a couple billion dollars?

4 Jade’s obsession with the infected

Evelyn is not the only Netflix character demonic resident with an obsession Jade wants to cure the zombie plague or wants to live in harmony with them. At first, she says that there are about four billion infected in the world and only about 300 million humans left. Jade says that humanity needs to deal with the infected instead of fighting them, but that doesn’t make sense.

In this same logic, why doesn’t Umbrella fight to win the good will of the people? Billie is in control of drones that are perfect for aerial attacks. Couldn’t a bunch of airstrikes get rid of the infected for good? Why would Jade want to wait for a cure? Her ideas are a bit bland, which makes it hard to connect.

3 Jade bringing that zombie

Jade makes some bad decisions on the show, but the worst thing she ever did was let that zombie come aboard the University. Why couldn’t she wait until morning? If she wanted to investigate a zombie corpse so badly, she could at least have told a guard she trusted in case things went wrong.

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There was no need to rush this process. Her hasty decision caused the death of her pregnant friend. Jade should have been banished from the University at the very least, which may yet happen in season two. If they don’t throw her overboard, it will be a miracle.

two Why did Jade believe Billie in the present?

Another bad decision Jade made was trusting Billie in prison. From the very first episode, Umbrella was aggressive in capturing Jade at all costs. She thought all of this was for Billie to say that she was dying? That is too amazing for words.

Jade makes some sketchy decisions on Netflix demonic resident series, but falling into that trap is like another level of buffoonery. It’s true that removing the chip on Jade’s arm was a good fake, but Jade should have been even more suspicious.

1 Has covid passed?

After Billie is bitten by the dog and her father, Wesker, is treating her, he says that she needs to stay home for a few days. Billie asks about quarantining like Covid, which means somehow Covid did happen in the demonic resident universe in which it is quite wild to think. This raises many questions for the universe of demonic resident.

Was Umbrella behind the pathogen? Did Umbrella cure the pathogen and thus create some goodwill for her evil company? That single word threw too much chaos into this already convoluted series of monsters, clones, tall vampire ladies fanning the Internet’s flames, and so on.

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