The best Minecraft skins in 2022

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Finding the best Minecraft skin can be a challenge, so here are a few worth considering.

When Mojang announced the release of Minecraft Legends, many fans turned to the popular open world game. However, with so many new and returning players joining the fray, it’s important that people look and feel unique, which is where skins come in.

While skins aren’t necessarily a game changer, they can make you look funny or instantly recognizable. Choosing a great Minecraft skin is a real challenge when you have to sort through the thousands of options. Fortunately, our hub has the best Minecraft skins in 2022, all ready for you to try.

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia Minecraft skin in front of a mushroom biome


Feel mortal and supernatural with Geralt’s skin.

If the skins gave you abilities, playing as Geralt of Rivia would be a perfect decision. He is deadly, powerful and looks amazing. This is probably why he is such a popular choice for a cool Minecraft skin.

Any fan of The Witcher game or TV show will love this look and anyone looking to fight deadly mobs in Minecraft will be able to do so in style with this fantastic option. you can get the Geralt of Rivia Skin here.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Ezio Skin in front of Minecraft trees

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

Be a deadly assassin with the skin of Ezio.

While Geralt of Rivia is strong and deadly, you can move quickly through the shadows when playing as legendary Assassins Creed character Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Assassins Creed Minecraft skins are popular on their own, but the detail surrounding her hood and outfit is second to none, making this a very popular skin. you can get the Skin of Ezio Auditore da Firenze here.


Technoblade skin facing the sea

Mojang / MC Name

Remember Technoblade through his Minecraft Skin.

After Technoblade’s passing shocked the gaming world, thousands flocked to Minecraft to create memorials for this legendary figure.

His recognizable and creative skin was one of the many elements that defined his greatness, so remembering him donning a Technoblade skin is commonplace in 2022. You can get the Technoblade Skin here.


Sandtrooper skin in front of a desert town

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

The Sandtrooper is perfect for desert dwellers.

Any Star Wars fan will have a plethora of skin suggestions. However, very few match the detail, design, and overall look of the Sandtrooper skin.

As one of the many Star Wars Minecraft skins out there, this one lends itself perfectly to any desert dweller. If you love making your base in the desert, look no further than the Sandtrooper Skin.

Link minecraft skin in front of a forest of flowers

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

Link sports his classic look in this Minecraft skin.

Is it Link or is it Zelda? Such a question should not be answered by any fan of the classic video game The Legend of Zelda. However, that doesn’t stop players from grabbing this fantastic Link Minecraft skin when they can.

It’s perfect for explorers and those who want to go save a princess. Either way, this look will help you stand out and feel as cool as Link, especially with the classic sword and shield on your back. Take the Link minecraft skin here.


Sonic minecraft skin facing table cave

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

Speed ​​is key with this Sonic skin.

This is another case where skins should come with some extra abilities. Especially when you’re looking for the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog, coupled with the classic design everyone knows and loves.

The way this Minecraft gaming skin has been designed gives it that classic retro feel without losing any aspect of the aesthetic. get the Sonic the Hedgehog skin here.

Ant Man

Ant Man vs. Giant Fur

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

Feel tiny or huge like Ant-Man.

Having the ability to run fast is a great skill, but many Minecraft players can only dream of the possibilities and chaos that will come from having the abilities of the superhero Ant-Man.

Although the possibility of being small or huge is not available, you can still look and act like this fantastic superhero. Why not point to a minecraft superhero skin Like this and feel its power.

tv explorer

TV Explorer skin in front of a forest

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

Explore nature like a TV Explorer.

Sometimes playing as your favorite superhero or video game character just isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to play as the device you enjoy Minecraft on. This is where TV Explorer comes into play.

It looks a bit gory, with the TV seemingly forced on poor Steve’s head, but it’s a great unique Minecraft skin and one that will definitely turn heads. you can get the tv explorer skin here.

ghost steve

Ghost Steve in front of the stone

Mojang/Minecraft Skins

Be spooky and spooky like Ghost Steve.

Minecraft has a lot of dangerous mobs, and they are more likely to be on the way. However, one thing they still don’t have is ghosts. They have ghosts and zombies, but nothing that closely resembles a ghost.

If you like a touch of horror and are desperate for a few more supernatural additions, grab the Ghost steve skin. It’s a perfect horror minecraft skin and looks like you’ve crawled straight from the drowned lair.


Minion minecraft skin in front of a small beach

Mojang / MC Name

Become a gentleman with this skin.

The 2022 Minions movie hit the theaters with some rather unexpected popularity. Such popularity came mainly from people calling themselves ‘Gentleminions’, a trend that saw people dress up in suits to see the new movie.

If you call yourself a Gentleminion then using a minecraft skin seems like the natural next step.

Hopefully, this list should help you find a new Minecraft skin to be proud of. Check out our Minecraft page for the latest news and guides.


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