The best Minecraft commands

The best Minecraft commands

There are cheats in most games, and Minecraft is no different. The Java and Bedrock editions have a wide range of commands that are useful when managing a Minecraft multiplayer server, or just great for cheating and getting what the player needs as soon as possible.

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Commands can be entered by opening the chat at the bottom left of the screen. On PC, this is usually bound to the T key, but players should check their controls just in case to see how to open chat. Once there, they can enter any command as long as they have enough rights in the game or own the game with cheats enabled. Here are the commands for each Minecraft the player needs to know.

10 Earn experience orbs

  • /xp add NAME QUANTITY

  • /xp set NAME QUANTITY

The first command deals with experience orbs or rather experience points. The player’s XP can be found in the middle of the health bar above the hotbar. It is possible to increase this level of XP, as well as decrease it, by using the /xp set command instead of the /xp add command.

Players will then need to include the objective, as well as the amount of experience they would like to award. It’s an easy way to get XP fast to enchant if players can’t be bothered to farm XP fairly and honestly.

9 See the seed of the world

Players should not be fooled by this simple command. Minecraft it has a seemingly infinite number of worlds it can spawn, so encountering the same world twice is highly unlikely. If players really like a particular world, they can share it and even save the seed, its ID number, for later.

To see the seed of a world, players just need to enter this simple command and they will be given a set of positive or negative numbers. Next time when players create a world, they can enter the number in the seed section to duplicate the world.

8 Set the spawn point of the world

This command is extremely useful for players playing on LAN or on a multiplayer server, especially if they don’t want to pick a seed for the world but end up not loving where they end up spawning.

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Simply stand in the area where the new spawn should be and enter this command. The world spawn will switch to that location and any new players will spawn there. Also, players who have lost their respawn point will start spawning there.

7 Grant operator rights to someone

Another command that is very useful for any server owner is the /op command. Players now need to be extremely wary of this command as it basically grants operator rights to anyone included in the command. This gives them a lot of control over the server, including access to all commands.

Players should only use this with people they absolutely trust, or if they plan on giving a server to someone else. It’s definitely not a command for casual players, but it can be useful on a server that consists of friends.

6 Set the weather


Having control over the weather can be quite useful, especially as rain and thunder means mobs can spawn during the day. Rain can also be quite annoying, especially if it lasts a long time or happens frequently.

Players can change the weather with the /weather command, followed by choosing the weather of their choice. Choosing thunder can also be an option if players want to play Charged Creepers or Skeleton Horses for achievements.

5 Set the time


Another aspect that players may want to have control over is the time of day, especially on servers where multiple people play without one player being able to sleep and jump into the morning. The choice goes from day or morning to noon, night or afternoon and midnight.

Sometimes players will want to deliberately switch to night if they’re looking to, say, farm some mobs. That’s when this command can come in handy too, and it’s easily one of the most used commands in Minecraft.

4 Change the game mode


The game mode in Minecraft it’s key. Defines how much players can interact with the world around them. Survival allows players to take damage, while in Creative they have access to infinite resources and can fly. In Adventure, blocks cannot be broken and in Spectator, players can move through walls and watch other players while invisible.

Players can change this themselves, or they can add a name to the end of the command to change another player’s game mode on the server. It is a useful but powerful tool, so server owners should be careful when using it.

3 Change the difficulty


Minecraft you have four difficulties to choose from, with Easy, Normal, and Hard being the classic survival difficulties, and Peaceful eliminating hostile mobs from the game entirely. Players can easily change the difficulty with this command.

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The only exception is that Hardcore cannot be accessed through this method, as it is almost a game mode in itself rather than a difficulty. For Hardcore mode, players will need to start a new world where they will not be able to respawn.

two Teleport a player

The classic teleportation command is a must when playing with friends, in case disaster strikes and someone gets lost. The command is also quite flexible, allowing players to teleport to a set of coordinates or to another player. The first name after /tp is the player that will be moved, so be careful when teleporting one player to another so you don’t teleport the wrong person.

When teleporting to the coordinates, make sure to also add a safe Y value. Y indicates the player’s elevation, and given the number of caves and cliffs in Minecraftsometimes it is possible to accidentally teleport into a stone or earth block and suffocate.

1 Locate a biome or structure

  • /locate biome

  • /locate structure

given how huge Minecraft worlds, it’s no wonder this command is so popular among gamers. Players can simply load into any world in creative mode or with cheats enabled and start searching for the biome they want, or whatever structure they need to get to.

Now, this command actually only gives the player the coordinates of the nearest biome or structure they’re looking for, so players will still need to get there by flying or on foot, or use the teleport command above.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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