Should fans be worried about Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is by far the most anticipated title in the history of the FPS game franchise. While the game is set to release in October 2022, a few facts surrounding what’s going on inside the studio may have fans a little concerned about the future of the gaming giant.

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A recent exclusive from popular Call of Duty leaker Ralph Valve revealed some interesting details about what goes on inside. the report in What’s game? It further hints at the future of the franchise and what we might experience in the next iteration of Modern Warfare.

What does the future hold for Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is probably the biggest FPS franchise in the world right now and Activision’s biggest franchise. With their multiplayer gameplay, campaign, and everything they offer, including Warzone and a mobile experience, it’s no surprise that Activision requires a lot of manpower to run properly.

While Microsoft and Activision have already acquired the company and are facing numerous lawsuits, the cost of Call of Duty attrition has made matters worse. Multiple core developers, designers, and company employees have quit their jobs to protest discrimination, unfair pay structure, and working conditions. In their latest annual report, they stated:

“First, we have devoted even more resources to investigating reports of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation made through various reporting channels, and have taken appropriate action. We announced new policies and practices regarding harassment prevention, discrimination and retaliation.”

However, that didn’t keep many employees from sticking around. Eventually, to perfectly create the definitive Call of Duty experience in Modern Warfare 2, the franchise needed fresh faces.

Should fans be worried about the future of Modern Warfare 2?

Almost ten studios have worked on Modern Warfare 2 with Infinity Ward at the helm and are still working to improve it. Many new hires were new to the industry and felt quite lost and ignored based on the scoop given by Ralph.

Another employee who had told Ralph this,

“I love the Infinity Ward team, but I hate the way they handle people. They like to use and abuse people. A lot of talented people, a part of the team and various departments, will be splitting up after this game has been So keep that in mind: It should be a great year for IW, but after this next title I don’t see [Call of Duty] doing well in general.

This statement refers to the future of Call of Duty. The reporter further stated that the next iteration, Modern Warfare 2, is in excellent shape right now. However, if fans are expecting a flawless product, that might not be possible due to everything going on.

The game is in a great condition! this is no indication of Modern Warfare II itself. this was more of a comment on how Call of Duty fans shouldn’t expect a flawless product.

As for the future of the franchise itself, the way it’s headed, all the upcoming projects after Modern Warfare 2 releases may be difficult to develop.

Previously, Activision has already confirmed that they won’t be releasing any CoD titles in 2023, which is the first time in the franchise’s history, indicating that they want to build their next CoD experience on a thoughtful and non-rushed product. However, a statement from the associates could have fans concerned about what the future holds for their favorite FPS game franchise.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the views of the writer.


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