Minecraft’s next update should push the limits of enchantment

Minecraft’s next update should push the limits of enchantment

MinecraftWild Update is still fresh off the press, which means that Mojang has given very little indication of what might be next. It will probably be many months before the sandbox game’s next major update, but both Mojang and its fans are always looking to the future. Minecraft it could evolve in a variety of ways in the next major update, ranging from classic revisions to the biome to a rework of the once-teased combat. However, Mojang may want to consider updating a more game-specific feature: Enchanting, one of the most fundamental forms of player progression in Survival.


Enchanted items make a big difference in Minecraft. With the help of Minecraft enchantments, players can earn much more ore while mining, destroying monsters, and improving their own durability more than armor can. Still, while the system is appealing, the list of available enchantments heavily favors certain item types and doesn’t take advantage of a variety of other potential uses for the system. Mojang would be wise to try to rectify this in a future update. charming in Minecraft It would be much more engaging if players had a wider variety of possible enchantments to get, new enchantments for certain blocks, and maybe even a better way to control which enchantments they get.

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How Minecraft could improve the enchantment

For the moment, the Minecraft The enchantment system greatly favors combat. Players can choose from a wide variety of useful perks for their weapons and armor, including many enchantments that are exclusive to Minecraftswords, bows, helmets, boots, etc. Unlike, Minecraft tools fall by the wayside a bit. The game features some great tool enchantments like Fortune and Silk Touch, but the list of options is much shorter than the list of combat enchantments, and Minecraft it also favors offering enchantments for crucial tools like pickaxes while leaving more niche tools like compasses and spotting scopes without their own special enchantments.

in order to help Minecraft players get more out of their lovely tables, Minecraft should add a lot of new enchantments for niche tools and even some blocks. For example, compasses could gain detection enchantments that make them point at certain types of objects. Minecraft mobs, while spyglasses could gain an enchantment that allows players to see through a certain number of blocks. Utility blocks also have a lot of untapped enchanting potential. Furnace enchantments could improve fuel efficiency or experience gains, chest enchantments could increase storage capacity, etc. Minecraft The player’s house looks more magical.

In addition to adding a wide range of enchantments, the system could use other quality of life changes in the future. For example, enchant on Minecraft it relies heavily on luck, as players can’t always see everything they’ll get from an enchantment. While this encourages repeated use of the table, it can be frustrating for fans struggling to get good enchantments on a favorite item. Minecraft shouldn’t just dole out all the best enchantments for free, but it would be interesting if players could spend certain Minecraft items like glowstone, redstone, or amethyst along with lapis lazuli to increase the chances of getting certain types of enchantments.

The enchantment may have a decent chance of getting broader changes in the next big update, as Mojang has been teasing changes to Minecraftincluding at least one new ax-exclusive enchantment. In the process, you could add a variety of other options; At a minimum, Mojang should add shield enchantments in the process. Of course, it hasn’t been confirmed if combat is the focus of the next big update; if Mojang focuses on updating more Minecraft biomes, then the enchantment will probably fall by the wayside. However, let’s hope this doesn’t happen. Enchanting is a big part of Minecraft Survival experience, and deserves to refresh.

Minecraft is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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