Minecraft: Best Villager Trades

Minecraft it’s about gathering items and the right tools to go from simple survival to thriving in your sandbox world. While players can take the hard way and just try to discover all the rare and useful items in the wild, a more efficient method is to simply trade the items they need by interacting with villagers.

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Villagers come with different jobs, which means they have different trades. There are two types of trades that players should be aware of: emerald trades, which allow players to easily obtain emeralds without having to search for them in mountain biomes, and “loot” trades, which allow players to use emeralds. and other items to buy various. precious objects of the villagers. This can include enchanted books or maps of Woodland Mansions. With that cleared up, let’s take a look at the better Minecraft villager trades.

Most trades can only be made a set number of times before the villager runs out of stock. The villager will replenish a maximum of twice a day by interacting with his job block, so make sure he can access your job block at all times. The more a player trades, the better the prices, so players may notice that the trade prices listed here will change over time as villagers warm to the player.

10 Cleric – 3 gold for 1 emerald

Clerics spawn in villages where a brewing stall is available. Most of his trades aren’t that interesting and players will typically use clerics to trade emeralds, which are some of the biggest trades in the game.

Clerics have an interesting trade for an emerald that only requires 3 gold from the player. Considering that players can farm gold from the Nether quite easily and that aside from Piglin trades, gold doesn’t have much use in Minecraft, this is a decent trade to make when it comes to farming emeralds.

9 Mason – 12 nether quartz for 1 emerald

The Mason will appear in any town that has a stonemason. Masons are fantastic villagers to trade with those looking for special blocks, but most of their trades are really best ignored in favor of this single Emerald trade.

Masons will exchange 12 Nether Quartz for 1 Emerald. If players are lucky and get a good Nether Wastes biome by entering the Nether, they can mine a bunch of Nether Quartz for XP and then trade the Quartz for Emeralds at a Mason.

8 Fisherman – 20 strings for 1 emerald

Fishermen will require a town to have a barrel for them to spawn. Their trades are a bit more specialized, but one of them stands out among the rest: 20 threads for 1 Emerald.

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This is a more expensive trade than some of the others listed here, but players who have access to a spider farm will be at a huge advantage. If players come across a mineshaft with some spider spawners, they should save those spawners for a spider farm, which they can use to get infinite ropes as well as infinite XP.

7 Fletcher – 32 sticks for 1 emerald

Archers will spawn in a village with a fletching table, which is one of the only job blocks in the game that doesn’t have any functionality for the player yet. Fletchers will be selling some special arrows, which can be potentially interesting, but his emerald trade isn’t too bad either.

32 sticks is relatively easy for most players to collect, especially if they have access to a wooded area in Minecraft. Those with less forest around them can start a tree farm early in the game and collect the most wood for this stick trade.

6 Farmer – 20 wheat for 1 emerald

The benefit of Farmer Villagers is that they are found in almost every town. Farmers will need to have a composter at their disposal in order to do their job properly, and they come up with some good trades as well.

His trade of 20 Wheat for 1 Emerald is one to watch out for, as most players will likely set up massive crop farms anyway and have plenty of leftovers after feeding their farm animals. almost anyone Minecraft the player will be able to pay for this trade eventually, and players can even use crops found in villages to contribute to this trade.

5 Wandering Trader – 5 Emeralds for 1 Nautilus Shell

Outside of villages, players may occasionally encounter the wandering trader, who will appear on the player after a few days have passed. The Wandering Trader doesn’t exactly sell big treasures, his inventory is usually full of rare plants and blocks, mostly intended for decoration.

That said, players looking to build an underwater base looking to make a conduit will find their 5 emeralds for 1 Nautilus shell exchange extremely useful. Nautilus shells are very difficult to farm, requiring a lot of luck to get them out of the water, so being able to trade them with the Wandering Trader is a huge relief.

4 Cartographer: 14 emeralds and compass for the Woodland Mansion map

Another extremely rare item that players need to trade for is a Woodland Mansion map, found in the cartographer’s inventory once they’ve leveled up with some merchants. The first map it offers actually leads to an Ocean Monument, which can also be a decent trade, though these underwater dungeons are much easier to find naturally than Woodland Mansions, so saving Emeralds for this last trade is recommended.

Players will need 14 emeralds and a compass for this trade. Although the map will show the closest Woodland Mansion, players shouldn’t expect it to be a short drive. These structures can sometimes be over 10,000 blocks away, making them nearly impossible to reach quickly from the Overworld. By traveling through the Nether in the approximate direction of the mansion, players will reduce their travel time as long as they can find a safe passage.

when it comes to the best emerald exchanges in Minecraftthere are three villagers that players must visit: the armorer (a blast furnace is required), the armorer (a blacksmithing table is required), and the blacksmith (a whetstone is required).

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His base tier 1 trade of 15 Coal for 1 Emerald is easily the best trade in the game when players are looking to fatten their pockets with more Emeralds so they can afford other trades. The cool thing is that there are three different villagers with this identical job, so players can simply create the required job blocks and assign these jobs to villagers in a town that doesn’t have these three jobs.

Once the player has traded enough with the three villagers mentioned above, another trade will unlock which is also quite interesting but a bit more expensive. Players can trade 4 Iron Ingots for 1 Emerald at a Gunsmith, Armorer, or Blacksmith.

Some might argue that this is a terrible trade-off because, in the late game, iron’s value and utility actually increase once diamonds become an abundant source thanks to enchantments like Fortune III. However, Iron is extremely easy to farm while Diamond cannot be farmed. Players can set up an iron golem farm to get all the iron they need for this handy emerald trade.

1 Librarian – 5-64 Emeralds and Book For 1 Enchanted Book

Although Emerald trades are extremely vital to Minecraft players, they are not the best trade in the game. The most important villager to trade with is actually the Librarian, who will appear whenever a lectern is available in a village. Librarians specialize in enchanted books, and at level 1, they can have any enchantment or any level available to trade.

The price of this exchange can vary quite a bit, even up to 64 emeralds. That said, players can repeat this trade by breaking the lectern and putting it back, until they find a trade they like. This is the only reliable way to get the rarest enchantment in the game, called Mending.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

Some images included were taken from the game while it was being used the Faithless resource pack.

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