Minecraft: 5 Mangrove Swamp Seeds

Minecraft: 5 Mangrove Swamp Seeds

Mangrove swamps are the latest and greatest surface-level biome to be added to Minecraft. Introduced as part of the 1.19 Wild update, these swamps are home to a new type of tree that features a new type of wood. Mangrove wood has a jungle-like bark, with a blood-red interior, and the boards it produces are a similar dark red hue. These biomes are incredibly dense with foliage and can be very difficult to traverse, making it easy to get lost within them.

Mud, another block introduced in the wild update, makes up the majority of the mangrove swamp floor, while frogs are the only passive mob you’ll find on land. Mangrove swamps are warmer swamps, which means they generally breed in hot climate regions of the world, near deserts and jungles. Every seed listed here will work on Bedrock and Java editions.


Woodland Mansion across the mangrove swamp

Seed: 5454173288014282276

This exciting seed drops players about a hundred blocks east of a large mangrove swamp. This swamp is unique in that it features a Woodland Mansion which, under normal circumstances, cannot spawn inside a mangrove. This is happening here because the mansion is spawning on the very edge of an adjacent biome, but hindering the mangrove area. The mansion can be found at X: 88, Z: 360.

The swamp itself is moderate in size, approximately 1,100 blocks wide and 900 blocks long. This should provide players with enough supply, so they shouldn’t have to worry about growing mangrove trees, as the vast forest provides plenty.

Massive mangrove swamp near spawning

Seed: -1692158452

This seed features one of the largest mangroves players will ever see. After a 250 block walk north of spawn, players will find themselves in a mangrove swamp that is over 3000 blocks wide and 2000 long blocks. It’s rare for more traditional biomes to spawn this large, so players who dare to set up camp deep in a mangrove swamp will absolutely love this seed.

This seed also includes a village on the edge of the swamp, albeit quite a bit to the northwest of the biome. In X: -1848, Z: -1432, a Savanna Village can be found just a few blocks from the edge of the swamp.

Closed towns and temple

Seed: 618942075558609331

This mangrove swamp is a bit further from the spawn, but well worth the walk. This seed features a Plains Village that is entirely surrounded by a giant mangrove swamp, which can be found at X: 168, Z: 1400. There is also a Zombie Desert Village enclosed in a different point of the mangrove swamp, at X: 872, Z: 744. A little southeast of that, a Desert Temple can be found in a closed desert area within the swamp. This one is located at X: 1096, Z: 1128.

Another thing worth visiting in the vicinity is the Desert Village by the shoreline at X:1752, Z:1320, just outside the swamp. At the northern end of the mangrove swamp, a partially enclosed desert region can be found, featuring another village (X: 1416, Z: 856) and another Desert Temple (X: 1224, Z: 760).

Mangrove Swamp Survival Island

Seed: -7135175970849399448

Survival Island is one of the most classic and iconic Minecraft challenges, where players spawn on a small island that they can’t get out of. This seed spawns players on one of these little islands, but this one is part jungle, part mangrove. There are no natural structures on this island, which means the player won’t get free loot to begin with, and will need to acquire gear through more traditional means.

If players get bored of the island, they can head to the mainland and head to X:-920, Z:-888, where a Woodland Mansion can be found that intersects with a mountain. Inside this mansion, in addition to loads of loot and enemies, a total of four relief cages can be found.

Village through the mangrove swamp

Seed: 435941881914007308

This is a seed that defies the world generation minecraft laws. Players will spawn in a forest, but a short walk to the northwest will take them to a mangrove swamp. Located at X: -328, Z: -312, a Savanna Village can be found that actually extends within the swamp Right next to this town there is a small mountainous region that what’s more overlaps with the swamp, causing high muddy cliffs with mangrove trees scraping the sky.

If players want to explore further, they can head east of the spawn into the depths of the ocean, where a dreaded Ocean Monument can be found at X:248, Z:-200. A Pillager Outpost can also be found at X: 344, Z: 296, which has spawned in the water off the coast.

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