LA Thieves win their first CDL Major;  Champion lineup confirmed

This weekend, Major IV took place in Brooklyn, standing firm as the perfect ending to a remarkable Call of Duty League Season. For some CDL teams, it marked their last appearance in the League, as four of the competing teams were eliminated from the tournament and failed to qualify for the Call of Duty League Championship. With all the excitement of a shocking twist, LA Thieves soared to victory at Major IV, beating Atlanta FaZe twice and knocking out the New York Subliners, the ultimate underdog team.

Was a landslide victory for the LA Thieves, a team that, to this point, has failed to gain ground in the Call of Duty League. This victory made history in more ways than one, as this season of the Call of Duty League showed a remarkable trend: each Major tournament was won by a different team. However, the Subliners almost ended the LA Thieves’ streak, reaching the Major with searing momentum and reach the Grand Final.

There are a lot of things to discuss, let’s get stuck.

New York subliners go to the champions

For several months, the New York Subliners they were in the background, sitting at the end of the table and not gaining ground. However, in the final weeks of the tournament, NYSL sprung into action when the team clicked and things just started to work. In a sweeping final stage, the Subliners got a record of 4 – 1made it to the winners bracket at Major IV and then beat Rokkr, Florida, and LAT back-to-back.


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