How to grow and what they are used for

How to grow and what they are used for

Chorus Fruit is perhaps the most unique food item in all of Minecraft, with other uses beyond simply restoring hunger. It is a fruit originating from the final dimension and is one of the few foods that can be eaten, even when the hunger bar is full. It’s also farmed differently than any other food source in the game, so players who are new to this item may need a bit of guidance setting up a farm.

This fruit triples as a food source, crafting ingredient, and piece of equipment. It has a relatively easy farming method, and probably the hardest part of setting up a farm is finding Chorus Fruit to start with. Players must kill the Enderdragon to unlock the gateways to the outer End islands, where natural Chorus Fruit can be found growing on stalks.


How to grow chorus fruit

Chorus Fruit has a 50% chance to drop when a Chorus Plant is destroyed. This means that in order to farm Chorus Fruit, players are actually going to farm Chorus Plants. To do this, players will only need two things: choir flowers Y end stone.

Chorus Flowers are the purple and white cubic blocks that spawn as part of Chorus Plants on the End Islands. When a player destroys one, the flower itself falls off. Mining the bottom of the Chorus Plant will cause the entire plant to collapse, however the Chorus Flowers on top will not survive when done this way. This means that players must go up to harvest those flowers directly.

Players now simply need to plant the choir flower at the End Stone. This can be done in any dimension, not just the End. They also don’t need light or water to grow. As the chorus plant grows, additional chorus flowers may sprout, resulting in additional branches breaking off and sprouting in other directions. Plants can grow up to 22 blocks tall, however they will usually stop before a height of 16 blocks.

To find out whether or not a plant has completely finished growing, players can look at the age of the flower. Once a chorus flower is five years old, its branch will stop growing. Age five can be identified by the color of the flower, as it will lose almost all of its white color at this point, as seen below. Once a plant has reached this point, players must extract the lowest chorus flower to instantly harvest the entire plant, then replant the flower.

What is chorus fruit used for?

When eaten, Chorus Fruit will restore 20% of a player’s hunger, with a saturation of 2.4. In other words, Chorus Fruit is exactly as good an energy source as apples, but much less difficult to grow. There is one caveat though, and that is the fact that whenever a Chorus Fruit is matched, the player can be teleported up to eight blocks away. The game will make 16 attempts to find a safe place to teleport the player within eight blocks in any direction. If a location is found, the player will be sent there.

Players can’t be teleported into water or lava, so they don’t need to worry about sinking into magma, but players they can be teleported through solid blocks, which not even Ender Pearls can do. If no safe landing spots are found after 16 random checks, the player will not be teleported. if the players want to be teleported, they can continue eating Chorus Fruit until they get the warp they want, as they can be eaten even when the hunger bar is full.

Chorus Fruit can also be melted into Popped Chorus Fruit. Oddly enough, these can No can be eaten, but can be used as a crafting ingredient for some select blocks instead. Placing a Blaze Rod on top of a Popped Chorus Fruit will create four End Rods, which can be used for lighting. Four popped Chorus Fruits can also be arranged in a 2×2 square to create four Purpur Blocks, which are purple building blocks. These can be made into slabs and stairs with the standard crafting recipes, and combining two Purpur Slabs will create Purpur Pillar blocks.

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