Every new skin and cosmetic leaked so far

Every new skin and cosmetic leaked so far

It’s already July 18 and the torrent of Fortnite Summer Update 2022 leaks has begun to flow. All the data miners are rushing to break the news about the upcoming No Sweat Summer event. Twitter already has an overabundance of leaks, and they’re growing by the second.

Fortnite Summer Update 2022 will bring the long-awaited summer event to the game, along with some fixes and other additions. This year’s event is called No Sweat Summer. Players look forward to summer every year as it brings to Fortnite a wacky event where they stop worrying about taking out other loopers.

Each summer event brings a new selection of summer-themed skins and other cosmetic items. In addition to these, players also get exciting new quests and some new points of interest. Courtesy of the resilient Fortnite community, new leaks about the upcoming No Sweat Summer skin have already started to surface.

Fortnite Summer Update 2022 is here

Each summer event skin and cosmetic item follows a summer style design. The cosmetics are wrapped in vibrant colors, and along with the new summer-themed skins, some in-game skins also get a summer-style makeover. No Sweat Summer will feature the following skins:

  • beautiful berry
  • Potpourri
  • SYD
  • Determined
  • Undercover Kor
  • Countercurrent Raz
  • Guz without stuffing
  • charlotte the killer

Most of these skins get different editing styles. While some of them come standalone, others have an add-on package. Belle Berry comes with the pack and has two different editing styles along with the default one. Medley has three editing styles and comes with a lollipop-shaped pickaxe and a weapon wrap.

SYD comes as a set with a Cuddle Team Leader inspired back bling, a knuckle paw spike, and a weapon wrap. It also has an edit style next to the default outfit. TBD comes as a standalone skin. Undercover Kor, Riptide Raz, and Unstuffed Guff are the game skins that have received a summer update. Kor will be offered in a different avatar along with a pickaxe and back bling.

Raz too. He ditched his usual attire and swapped his harem pants for denim shorts. The adorable Guff is no longer stuffed. Although the new outfit matches Guff’s design, nothing else is similar. Charlotte from Fortnite will also be re-introduced as Slayer Charlotte and will be offered as a bundle.

Fortnite Summer Update 2022 will also bring new emotes, lobby hints, back blings, and other non-summer skins like Khari from Fortnite Galaxy Cup. Although these skins have not been officially acknowledged by Epic Games, given that leaks come from reliable sources such as HYPEX and ShiinaBR, it is very likely that some, if not all, of them will be featured during the event.

Sapphire Hagiri is a real money pack (cannot be purchased with V-Bucks) https://t.co/yrTwDHT6ir

There is speculation that the skins and cosmetics added during the Fortnite 2022 Summer Update will likely follow the same course as last year. Some cosmetics will be offered as a reward for completing summer quests. Players can even get a free skin. Others will be available for purchase in the item shop, either as a bundle or on their own.

Epic Games has made some changes to the Komplex outfit and is offering free refunds. https://t.co/fDEQ8oFgzj

With Fortnite Summer Update 2022, Epic Games will also be rolling out some changes to the Koplex skin and offering free refunds to interested players.

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