Coolest Minecraft Froglights Creations | rant on screen

Coolest Minecraft Froglights Creations |  rant on screen

Many Minecraft players are eager to build with Froglights, the new light block introduced in 1.19. These are some of the best creations so far.

In Minecraftplayers have made some cool creations with the new Froglight block in MinecraftUpdate 1.19. introduced in the wild update, Froglights are a lighting block that drops from the new frog mob. Getting new lighting options is always exciting in Minecraftand with the ethereal glow of Froglight, players come up with tons of creative ways to use Froglights in builds.

Gone are the days of decorating constructions with Jack O’Lanterns and Glowstone. For years many Minecraft Players have requested more options for glow blocks, and Mojang has consistently delivered. Over the years, players have received Sea Lanterns, Magma Blocks, Shroom Lights, and more recently, Minecraftit’s new wild update introduced both frogs and Froglights. Inspired by this new luminous block, the Minecraft The community has come up with some great uses for Froglights.


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The majority Minecraft players have primarily used Froglights as a lighting source. The block has a cleaner appearance than Shroomlights and a warmer glow than Sea Lanterns. Plus, it has three color options, making it a unique offering among MinecraftThe light blocks. Some players prefer to use a single color of Froglights, while others enjoy incorporating all varieties of Froglight into their build. Other players have used Froglights to light up huge, epic Minecraft build and design. Here are some of the best ways players have used Froglights in Minecraft.

Minecraft frog lights look a lot like paper lanterns

Froglights used as paper lanterns in Minecraft

Players have found that Froglights, when placed in the correct alignment, look a lot like paper lanterns. reddit user frank33666 they combined Froglights with mangrove hatches to decorate the skies over a desert town in their survival world. With their staggered heights, the lanterns feel incredibly realistic. However, Froglights can look like paper lanterns even when they’re not flying through the sky.

Froglights in Minecraft can be used for strung lanterns

A Froglight build in Minecraft

Here, Reddit user Rubix_Potato he used all three varieties of Froglights to represent paper lanterns on a string. Making use of chains, this design could be used to create a festival-like atmosphere or illuminate a market building. Players could also use this design to recreate real-life locations on Minecraft. The multicolored string of lanterns closely resembles those found in various Chinese cities during the Spring Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year.

Many styles of lanterns can be created in Minecraft using Froglights

Minecraft frog light lanterns

reddit user theLocalFrogDealer created some stellar nether lanterns using Froglights. Like all other light blocks in Minecraft, Froglights can be used to create all kinds of light structures. There are several designs that offer players a stylish way to illuminate their base, sometimes in the style of real-life lamps. The author of this article came up with these simple lamppost designs that combine various Froglight colors with different types of wood.

Casa Madrigal de Encanto can be created with Froglights in Minecraft

Charming Madrigal House built in Minecraft

On Reddit, user dancsa222 used Froglights to illuminate the magical doors of Charmfrom Casa Madrigal. The bright, warm light offered by Ocher Froglights is perfectly suited to this construction, making the entrance to the Casita look truly enchanted.

Minecraft is a game with seemingly limitless possibilities, and the community has fully exploited its potential by creating intricate games that are truly inspiring. Minecraft build ideas The community is particularly adept at using Minecraft blocks and elements in ways that Mojang could never have foreseen. Whether using trapdoors as bed frames, end rods as fluorescent lights, or tripwire hooks as faucets, the community is sure to find some truly creative unusual uses for Minecraft‘s Froglights in the future.

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