COD Major IV shows why now is the time to play Vanguard

COD Major IV shows why now is the time to play Vanguard

The Call of Duty League Major IV tournament was this past weekend, and after the dust settled, the Los Angeles Thieves took the title. But through all the highlights and plays that wowed the crowd, the event was a perfect showcase of how much the latest title, VanguardIt has improved since its launch.

COD Major IV showcases the best of Vanguard

This past weekend, 12 teams took to the Brooklyn stage to battle it out for the Major IV crown in the fourth Call of Duty League tournament of the season. After four days of non-stop esports action and climbing the ranks, the Los Angeles Thieves took home the title by defeating the New York Subliners on home turf.

In an interview after the match, 9to5Toys I had the opportunity to speak with some of the Major IV champions, asking them what they have in mind as they prepare for the final season tournament. Unsurprisingly for a team that had just clinched such a major CDL title, the Thieves called themselves “the team to beat” before the final tournament of the season. And after such a defining five-to-three win over the Subliners, their record speaks for itself.

And just like the Los Angeles Thieves, our eyes are on the season championship that is now on the horizon in August. Having attended the final day of the event to close out Major IV, it’s safe to say that the hype of Call of Duty: Vanguard it’s as steep as ever. Even for an outsider like me who hasn’t been to the franchise in years. So if there’s one thing I took away from leaving Kings Theater in Brooklyn, it was that now is the perfect time to dive into Activision. last release.

When we first reviewed Call of Duty: Vanguard after a week of enjoying the game, we talked about the pros and cons of the release. Debut aspects like bugs and unbalanced weapons may have come between gameplay and a flawless experience, but that didn’t stop us from noticing how surprisingly satisfying the latest CoD was. And in fact it still is. All of that still rings true today, and the title has only gotten better since then.

Everything from new operators, weapons, balance changes, and other tweaks have continued to shape the game to the mature state we are in today. We may be in the middle of Call of Duty’s usual annual cycle, but all the improvements since it launched last fall make the game even better when you consider that you can get it on sale for the next generation consoles. As expected from the latest from Activision, Vanguard is now available for PC and also for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S to go along with the previous generation machines.

Of course, the action on stage really takes all that excitement to the next level. I’m no stranger to in-person esports events, but this was certainly on another level compared to the Overwatch Homestands of the past. Hearing a theater full of enthusiastic Call of Duty fans cheering on their home team, not to mention booing opponents, really grabs you. Not to mention, there’s nothing like watching the best players in the world pull off something impressive. theater plays.

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I’m sure, like many of you in the 9to5 audience, that Call of Duty played a pretty notable role in my adolescence and youth. Even if it’s not a franchise I’ve immersed myself in year after year since those glory days of Modern Warfare II, now seems like the perfect time to return.

This past weekend at the King’s Theater surely showcased the best of the best in Call of Duty League, and the Los Angeles Thieves certainly held their own against some formidable foes. And even though COD Major IV and all the esports fanfare may be on hiatus until Champs 2022 kicks off in August, now is a great time to tap into some of that excitement and click heads.

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