All Fortnite Items Possibly Disabled Soon With Update v21.30

All Fortnite Items Possibly Disabled Soon With Update v21.30

Epic Games is set to remove some old items from Fortnite with the latest update, according to recent leaks. Here are all the items set to be disabled with the v21.30 Fortnite update.

The Fortnite loot pool is constantly changing. New items are saved, removing them from matches, while old items return.

And with a new content update, fan favorites return to Fortnite. Perhaps one of your favorite items will return with this update!

Here are all the rumored unsaved items returning to the Fortnite island this week or next!

Fortnite: Rumored All Items Are Unsaved With V21.30 Update

Reliable Fortnite leakers like @ShiinaBR have been sharing items that are likely not saved in the latest Fortnite update.

It’s unclear when these items will leave the Fortnite vault, but it should be this week or next.

And don’t worry if you’re not sure what these items might be, as we’ll cover what they do for you!

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We want to reiterate that these items may be removed soon and while ShiinaBR is very reliable, please take them with a grain of salt!

boogie bombs

Fortnite Boogie Bomb Unvaulting in the latest update v21.30
epic games

Boogie Bombs are a Fortnite classic that first released in December 2017. They are a throwable utility item that acts like a grenade.

Upon landing, they will cause everyone in a small impact area to dance. While the enemy players are dancing, they can only move, which means they are vulnerable for a few moments.

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The Boogie Bomb has been around for a while now, so we’re glad to see it coming back very soon!

crash pads

All Fortnite items are checked out with Crash Pads v21.30
epic games

Crash Pads are a mobility item that, when thrown, create a platform for players to land on. Coming into contact with it causes the anti-gravity effect, making it useful for those who build high up, in case their structure collapses.

Other players can use Crash Pads, of course, and they will deflate over time. Leaker @ShiinaBR says this item is being decommissioned, but they’re not sure if it will come back as an item or become part of the map by default.

zero point fish

Fortnite Unvaulting Items with v21.30 Zero Point Fish
epic games

Zero Point Fish is a rare type of fish that, when consumed, will allow the player to teleport short distances. They work similarly to Zero Point Crystals.

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While they can be found in still water, they are easier to catch in water holes. And using these fish will definitely give you the upper hand in a firefight!

UFOs / Saucers

Items that are unleashed in Fortnite v21.30 UFOs Saucers
epic games

Get ready to take to the skies and start kidnapping cows as saucers, also known as UFOs, are coming back soon.

These vehicles allow players to not only attack enemies, but also hijack enemy players and props. You can fire balls of energy at others, as well as drop props on unsuspecting victims.

UFOs were the highlight of Chapter 2 Season 7. And we assume many players will find the return of Saucers exciting!

impulse grenades

Fortnite Items Disabled with Impulse Grenades v21.30
epic games

Impulse Grenades are the final item said to be retiring soon. And although they may not seem like much, they are certainly a lot of fun!

They are a utility item that can be thrown, like many other grenades. Upon landing, it will push enemy players and vehicles away from the point of impact. And unlike shockwave grenades, they don’t grant immunity to fall damage.

Those are all items that will be retiring soon in Fortnite, according to recent leaks. And we’re sure many of you are excited to use these items for the first time or play with them again!

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