Activision could bring more games to Steam before Modern Warfare 2

Activision could bring more games to Steam before Modern Warfare 2

After the big news about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, PlayStation gamers are wondering what will happen to future Call of Duty releases.

Ever since the news of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision broke, the gaming community has gone wild all over the world. The deal is arguably the biggest acquisition in gaming history and was even worth more than Disney’s purchase of the Star Wars (Lucasfilm) franchise.

The deal has a lot of question marks surrounding it at the moment, but for those PlayStation users who are confused about what it means for Call of Duty on the platform, here’s all the information you need.

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The deal involves games under Activision and Activision Blizzard, which subsequently means Xbox will own Call of Duty.

This took the community by surprise when Announced and naturally many people had questions.

For example, Call of Duty has had a close relationship with PlayStation for a few years now, giving them exclusive/early access to content, so what happens after the deal is done?

Will Call of Duty continue on PlayStation?

Xbox’s Phil Spencer, the CEO of games at Microsoft, confirmed in a statement on Twitter that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation following the acquisition. Additionally, the Xbox CEO also confirmed that they would honor all existing agreements that Sony has with Call of Duty.

On February 9 a Microsoft blog post reaffirmed its commitment to providing PlayStation owners with new Call of Duty titles for years to come. Microsoft confirmed that they have no intention of undermining the opportunities for PlayStation users with Xbox-exclusive CoD titles.

Microsoft stated that they will continue to develop Call of Duty games for all platforms beyond current agreements, “we have committed to Sony that we will also make them available on PlayStation beyond the existing agreement and in the future so that fans of Sony can continue to enjoy the games they love.”

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For now, the companies will remain independent from each other until 2023.

This means that Call of Duty 2022 will likely retain many of the PlayStation exclusivity deals that have been around and PS gamers won’t have to worry about missing out on Xbox content, at least not until these commitments and deals expire.

Once the deal closes and commitment to existing contracts and agreements, such as exclusive PlayStation Call of Duty content, expires, it’s unclear what will happen in terms of exclusive content. However, it is clear that Call of Duty will still be released on PlayStation.

According to Tom Warren, Xbox’s dealings with Bethesda when they bought the company could indicate what they will do with Activision. We’ll likely learn a lot more about other game exclusivity once the deal closes, but we could see plenty of Activision games exclusively.

It would have been unwise for Microsoft to pull Call of Duty games from PlayStation, as the franchise remains the best-selling game on PlayStation platforms in the US and has been for years, with Vanguard recently topping the charts. for 2021.

What can be said, however, is that exclusivity deals may change from PlayStation to Xbox after the deal closes. Call of Duty games can even be seen on Xbox Game Pass at launch, but this is all still just speculation.

So, there you have it, Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation platforms, but exclusive content may carry over to Xbox and PC. For more information, check out All Warzone Weapons Ranked.

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