The legendary NYSL run continues!  Call of Duty Major IV will have a ridiculous ending!  CDL Major IV Day 3 Recap

Call of Duty League Major IV has been EVERYTHING we could have asked for. Every series has been absolutely insane and pushed to the limit. The New York Subliners (NYSL) are in the midst of a legendary race to try and qualify for CoD Champs. CoD Champs can be viewed as the Call of Duty Super Bowl with only 8 of the 12 total teams making it to the tournament. To qualify, you must earn CDL points throughout the year by winning matches and placing high in Majors.

This year has been tough for the NYSL, but today they have a chance to not only qualify for Champions, but also win their own local Major! If you want to break into the gaming scene in any way, today is the perfect time to get started. We have NYSL vs LA Thieves and then OpTic vs FaZe, which is the most electric matchup in Call of Duty.

On Saturday, we saw 5 games drop. Here’s a quick recap of each interview plus.

OpTic Texas vs. Boston Breach

OpTic Texas started this Major in the losing bracket. They had very poor group play, so they started the tournament on the single elimination side. They have had some extremely close matchups and close calls, but they continue to survive and move forward.

OpTic beat Boston Breach 3-1 and I had the opportunity to interview the GOAT from Call of Duty, trash:

My bet: OpTic -1.5 ✅

Los Angeles Thieves vs Toronto Ultra

When it all comes together, the LA Thieves are the most dangerous team in the league! That is exactly what they showed today in a purely dominant win against the Toronto Ultra. It was a 3-0 sweep and the last two maps were sheer domination like I’ve never seen before.

After the game, I was able to interview Envoy, who has some of the most supportive parents in all of esports:

I also had the chance to interview Octane, who might have thrown up on the way to the venue yesterday…

My bet: LA Thieves ML ✅


Envoys are the best and here is an example why:

New York subliners vs. Florida mutineers

If you were watching any of the games on Friday and Saturday, you know pretty much every series went the full distance of map 5. Today Major was more according to the script with very quick matches. NYSL vs Florida was no different with New York sweeping Florida 3-0 and completing the third and final leg of my +782 parlay:

This was a huge win for NYSL to keep the dream of making it to CoD Champs alive! At this point, only New York or Florida will qualify for the final eighth spot.

If you are in NJ, WV, AZ or CO – Join me in esports betting! We have Valorant, Legague, CoD, Dota and CS:GO!

One of the biggest stories from Major IV has been how amazing the home crowd has been for New York, NYSL player Kismet gives his take on the crowd:

Optic Texas vs. Toronto Ultra

This matchup was EVERYTHING we could have asked for from a CDL series. It was constant back and forth chaos with both teams relentless! The first map ended in pure chaos:

The crowd was rooting for OpTic as much as they could and in the end it fed them. This series went through the FULL 5 maps and all the way to the final round of Search and Destroy, with OpTic winning to secure a spot in Sunday’s Championship:

After the win, I had the opportunity to interview Dashy and iLLeY from OpTic Texas:

Atlanta FaZe vs. Florida Rioters

The final series of the day and it was fast. The Atlanta FaZe defeated the Florida Mutineers 3-1 to advance to the championship on Sunday and take on the Green Wall of OpTic Texas. This matchup is going to be pure electricity and I can’t wait to be on the spot to capture it all.

Interestingly, FaZe are usually seen as the CDL villains, but in this matchup, the crowd was rooting for FaZe to beat Florida so that NYSL would have the best chance of making it to CoD Champs.

I caught up with Cellium (who is the leading MVP leader this season), current MVP Simp, and FaZe coach Crowder:

All NYSL has to do is win one more game at this Major to qualify for CoD Champs and complete a historic comeback…

So today we have some MAJOR matchups. Starting off we have LA Thieves vs NYSL and then OpTic vs FaZe. It’s going to be an absolutely crazy day of competitive Call of Duty. check out my twitter for updates and exclusive interviews!


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