Will there be a season 2?

demonic resident has seen a handful of adaptations before, but the new Netflix series might just be the best of the bunch. With a story that takes place in two different timelines sixteen years apart, there are plenty of twists and turns along the way. But the season 1 finale of demonic resident It raises more questions than it answers – here’s what that could mean for a potential season 2.

Where do Billie and Jade go next?

The last two episodes of demonic resident turn out to be momentous for Jade and Billie. The first big reveal is that her father is actually a clone of Albert Wesker. Also, a second clone named Bert has been locked away by Umbrella all these years. Bert escapes and ends up helping Billie, Jade and Albert.

After Umbrella recaptures Bert, Evelyn Marcus shows him a tank with a huge creature inside it, which closely resembles a tyrant. These are incredibly powerful bioweapons that feature prominently in some of the best games in the series: resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3. We don’t know how or why Umbrella in the Netflix series has a Tyrant, but it’s possible that the creature could also be someone important like Evelyn’s father, James Marcus, one of the founders of Umbrella.

Billie and Jade escape from New Raccoon City.Netflix

At the end of Season 1, things have gone from bad to worse for the Wesker family. After getting Billie and Albert out of the facility, Umbrella finds the group. In a fit of delirium, Billie bites Simon and infects him with the T-Virus. This causes Evelyn to shoot her own son to “prevent” him from becoming a monster, and makes her even more deranged. As the group continues to escape, Albert sacrifices himself to let his and Bert’s daughters escape.

Lance Reddick, who plays Wesker, says that he wants better things for Bert.

“I would like to see Bert have the opportunity to have a relationship with his nieces and the opportunity to experience family,” he says. Reverse.

Albert writes someone’s name on a piece of paper and tells Jade and Billie to find that person. Jade, Billie and Bert escape from New Raccoon City, and the sisters’ relationship becomes increasingly strained.

This is likely to be a central conflict of the story going forward.

“I want to see how Jade is dealing with Billie and her behavior, and how Billie becomes a different person, outgoing and taking charge,” says Tamara Smart. Reverse. “Seeing how Jade reacts to that would be very interesting.”

In the rubble of the Umbrella building, we see Evelyn on a stretcher, and right behind her, the Tyrant’s claw claws its way through the rubble. He could be an enemy that Jade and Billie have to deal with in season 2.

The final shot of the series shows what Albert wrote on the piece of paper, revealing Ada Wong’s name and an address in Japan. Gaming fans will know that the elite spy had a close relationship with the original Albert Wesker, and it appears that contact extended to clone Albert. The last time Ada Wong appeared in the Prime Universe canon was with resident Evil 6which is set in the year 2013.

Why does Billie kidnap Bea?

Jade’s world once again collapses around her at the end of the future timeline.Netflix

Most of the future timeline revolves around Umbrella trying to capture Jade, though we don’t actually find out why until near the end of the show. Billie’s blood is contaminated by the T virus, so she needs Jade’s blood for some kind of plan. Beyond that, we don’t know the details.

In the final episode, the University unleashes the mutated alligator on Umbrella’s forces, but Jade and Arjun realize that their daughter, Bea, has stolen a ship and gone to the island. The two run off to find her and end up being attacked by the alligator. Arjun’s leg is shattered and Jade is forced to leave him, although we never officially see his death.

At this point, Bea bumps into the alligator, but something incredibly strange happens. The monster seems to become docile and even lets Bea pet it, suggesting that Jade has done something to Bea’s genes that allows her to control or communicate with the infected in some way. Umbrella’s helicopter blasts the alligator to pieces, and just as Jade is reunited with her daughter, Billie learns of Bea’s existence.

After a tense dialogue between the sisters, Billie tells Jade “I don’t need you anymore”, shoots her, and then kidnaps Bea. This presumably means that Billie can use Bea’s blood for whatever nefarious plans she has planned for Jade. The final shot shows Jade struggling to her feet and looking on angrily as the helicopter with her daughter flies away.

Compared to the current timeline, it’s a fairly straightforward ending, suggesting that Jade’s next story will revolve around her quest to free her daughter. However, there are plenty of questions ahead, like whether Arjun is alive or what Umbrella’s endgame really is.

As a final note, Jade actress Ella Balinksa gave Reverse an idea of ​​where the character’s story could go.

“Towards the end of the series, we find Jade in this ruthless, utter revenge-seeking personality that I can’t wait to unleash,” he explains.

What could happen in season 2?

Andrew Dabb says he wants to “go crazy” with the story of Resident Evil, just like subsequent video games.Netflix

At the moment there has been no official confirmation for a demonic resident Season 2. Of course, the big lingering question is how the global outbreak started. We know that Umbrella’s drug “Joy” contains the T-Virus, but Wesker claims that you would need to take thousands of pills to get infected. Perhaps Billie could serve as a catalyst for the outbreak?

However, showrunner Andrew Dabb says he has a basic outline of the series planned.

“The story has a kind of planned beginning, middle and end. But how long it will take I couldn’t sit here and tell you. If we’re lucky enough to get to season 2 and 3 and beyond, there’s so much fun stuff in the closet,” says Dabb. Reverse.

For now, we will have to wait and see if Netflix decides to continue this story.

demonic resident Season 1 is now streaming Netflix


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