Who is TommyInnit?  History, Earnings, Seniority, Setup

Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons, also known as “Tommy” or “Tom”, is one of the biggest names in the Minecraft community and content creation in general. His unique sense of humor combined with his magnetic personality has amassed him a dedicated following and put him in the spotlight of the streaming community.

At just 18 years old, TommyInnit boasts some of the largest content creation platforms in the world. His main YouTube account has over 11 million subscribers, his YouTube vlogging page has over 5.4 million subscribers, his Twitch He has more than 7.2 million followers and his TikTok account has more than 11.6 million followers. TommyInnit is an unstoppable machine that constantly provides fans with a variety of engaging content.

Image via TommyInnit on Instagram

Although he started creating content in 2013, it wasn’t until he created his official TommyInnit YouTube channel in 2018 that the creator began to see growth. The number of his subscribers began to increase rapidly after the Minecraft star started uploading Hypixel content on his channel where he played SkyBlock. His number of subscribers went from around 6,000 to a whopping 66,000 during this time period.

The star’s already strong base of loyal fans began to grow even faster after he joined the popular Dream SMP. Minecraft server. TommyInnit joined the server in July 2021 and rose to fame as he continuously streamed content, usually with other creators like Dream himself, on the RPG-focused server.

TommyInnit at a glance

  • Real name: Thomas Simons
  • Years: 18
  • Birthday: April 9, 2004
  • Nationality: English
  • Co-worker: None
  • Awards:
    • Streamer Award for the best Minecraft Streaming in 2022
    • Guinness World Record for most spectators in a Minecraft live streaming of the game on Twitch
    • Guinness World Record for most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch
  • Organization: None

What games does TommyInnit play?

TommyInnit is mainly limited to playing Minecraftwhich is evidenced in the 1,160 hours it has in the category according to shrinkage tracker. Streaming isn’t its only platform, and TommyInnit has been known to have a pretty unpredictable streaming schedule.

He has previously dabbled in a few other games, such as Among us Y Fortnitebut his hours in each game outside Minecraft they’re very few. TommyInnit streams just to chat a little and has his second highest number of streaming hours in the Just Chat category with a total of 97.5 hours spent in this category on Twitch.

Screenshot via TommyInnit on YouTube

What is TommyInnit’s streaming setup?

TommyInnit Gaming PC Setup:

  • Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Esports Gaming Keyboard
  • Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Headphones: HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset
  • Microphone: AKG P120 High Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

How much does TommyInnit make?

TommyInnit’s earnings from Twitch were leaked and revealed to be $1,513,217 from August 2019 to October 2021. He was ranked 40th on the list of the highest-paid streamers on the platform during this time.

This number was released during TommyInnit’s peak streaming season, and is likely a bit lower today as the creator streams less frequently than before on Twitch. Instead, TommyInnit now creates content sporadically on a variety of platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok.

TommyInnit’s YouTube channels are also a massive source of his income and he usually uploads content to his channels once or twice a month. His schedule is also a bit inconsistent on YouTube, which makes calculating his salary from the platform a bit difficult, as some months he uploads much more frequently than others.

Screenshot via Tom Simons on YouTube

Considering that YouTubers earn around a few dollars per 1,000 views, TommyInnit is likely to earn around $100,000 to $250,000 from his various YouTube channels combined per month. As is the case with all of your content, this number fluctuates drastically with your upload schedule.

the Minecraft star also gets a lot of views on TikTok, with every thousand views earning creators a few cents. That means every million views TommyInnit gets on TikTok nets him an additional $20-$40, and he averages around two million views with each upload.

All of the various creator platforms combined indicate that TommyInnit probably earns around $1,500,000 to $2,500,000 per year.

Where is TommyInnit from?

TommyInnit was born and raised in Nottingham, England. When he started his streaming and content creation career, he was still living in Nottingham with his parents.

the Minecraft star moved to Brighton, England in early 2022 and currently resides there. TommyInnit lives alone now, but several of his close friends and fellow creators also live in Brighton.

Why is TommyInnit so popular?

TommyInnit is a creative mogul who has mastered the art of developing content across all platforms. He has amassed popularity through a variety of means, but his Minecraft the content is the main.

He first rose to fame after joining the popular Dream SMP RPG. Minecraft server in July 2021. His canon character has been involved in many major arcs on the server, including many that are at the center of the story’s main conflict, including L’manberg, Disc Wars, and Pogtopia.

TommyInnit’s Dream SMP streams have been some of his most viewed content, with one of his streams, “The Dream SMP Finale,” even giving him a world record for the most viewers of a Minecraft game streaming on Twitch. This unprecedented broadcast occurred on January 20, 2021 and reached a peak of 650,237 concurrent viewers while streaming on Twitch.

Screenshot via TommyVODS on YouTube

In addition to his Dream SMP content, he also gained stardom through his Minecraft series of mod videos on YouTube. The series brings together TommyInnit and his many creator friends, including Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, Slimecicle and Philza, as they try out different types of Minecraft mods. These videos are often comedic, as TommyInnit and his friends are supposed to try to win the game, but instead spend most of the duration of the videos joking around and goofing around.

Combined, the Minecraft The mod video series on TommyInnit’s YouTube channel has a total of over 100 million views. The creator uploads other types of Minecraft content on his channel as well, such as various Minecraft challenges, but the mod series has been the most frequent and consistent form of content he posts on YouTube.

Screenshot via TommyInnit on YouTube

Another source of TommyInnit’s popularity is its vlogging channel where he regularly gets up to mischief with his fellow content creators. He launched this channel, which is called Tom Simons, in 2021 and has more than 5.4 million followers. The channel’s main vlog has over 21 million views.

His closest friends and fellow creators, including Wilbur Soot, Tubbo, Ranboo, and Philza, can be seen frequently in most of his vlogs. TommyInnit’s vlogs also occasionally feature special guests, such as Jacksepticeye, Ludwig, and DanTDM.

TommyInnit’s Most Popular YouTube Video

the Minecraft The star’s most popular YouTube video is “I met Wilbur Soot in real life…”, which has over 35 million views as of July 2022. In this vlog, TommyInnit meets some close friends, content creators, and members of Dream SMP, including Wilbur Soot. As the title implies, this video highlights TommyInnit’s first real life meeting with some of his now closest creator friends.

TommyInnit’s most popular YouTube video is the one that made him want to venture further into vlogging and is one of the main reasons he decided to create a dedicated vlogging channel. The massive success of the video combined with the star’s love of creating content in real life pushed him to venture into a new realm of content creation.

Screenshot via Tom Simons on YouTube

So what’s next for TommyInnit?

Dream previously revealed that a massive event that will revitalize the game in Dream SMP Minecraft The server is in the works and will encourage all members to stream on the platform regularly. TommyInnit will likely be seen playing Dream SMP live on Twitch much more often sometime soon enough. TommyInnit also regularly works on creating vlogs for his vlog channel.

He and Wilbur Soot have also long been developing a quote book, which Wilbur Soot regularly updates with his favorite TommyInnit quotes, just for fun, but the duo recently revealed that they will now officially release it to the public sometime in 2022. The book will be mostly made up of quotes from TommyInnit, but some other quotes from his creator friends may also appear. A release date for the book has yet to be revealed, but the duo stated that all proceeds from the book will go towards sarcoma research in honor of their close friend Technoblade.

You can follow TommyInnit on: Twitch | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram.


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