The best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 3 Season 3

The best Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 3 Season 3

A new map means a new set of Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 3 Season 3, or at least some new considerations for your old favorites. Reality Tree did more than add a convenient new way to start a match with high-quality gear. It transformed almost a third of the map, changing which areas are worth checking out first and where you can expect other players to be or not be, which is often more important. Below we’ve listed a wide range of drop sites suitable for any occasion, whether you’re looking for guns or just need a quiet place to fish.

Chonker Expressway

Just like in Chapter 3 Season 2, Chonker’s Speedway is still one of the best places to land in the new season, albeit with one important caveat. The race track and surrounding buildings house plenty of loot. Most of it is pretty common, with a few exceptions, but it’s easy to quickly fill your pockets with pretty much a full arsenal, unlike some of the more remote locations on the map. Access to fast cars makes it easier to get away from opponents or just cover more ground quickly.

The downside is that Chonker’s Speedway seems more popular than usual in Season 3, which means you’re more likely to run into trouble early on. Nearby garages and restaurants give you plenty of areas to hide, but this is still one of the most dangerous places to stop. If you don’t feel like taking the risk, consider dropping just north of the main highway and gradually working your way south for loot. This way you also have the advantage of being on high ground and can simply beat a hasty retreat to Condo Canyon or Sanctuary if things start to get rough.

reality falls

With Chapter 3 Season 3 underway, Reality Falls seems to be losing its appeal to Fortnite players. It can, and should, make Reality Seeds plan ahead for future matches, but it seems like most of the players are going elsewhere now. That’s good, as Reality Falls is almost an ecosystem unto itself, with dozens of places to scavenge for loot, plan ganks, or just take it easy while the first 50 players take each other out.

There’s the reality tree and cave system behind it, along with a large number of shield mushrooms that gradually increase your shield meter when you bounce on them. Check the surrounding mushroom forest for chests while you’re there, as you can usually find two or three near stems or on top of caps.

raving cave

Rave Cave has nearly 60 loot stashes and chests to find, so if you just want the most stacked drop location possible, this should be your first stop. The amount of loot means you’re more likely to run into other players, but between the Ballers and the natural cave hideouts, you should be able to stay safe or evacuate with ease. The other side of the coin is that all this loot makes Rave Cave a good place to plan ambushes for other like-minded players. If you do manage to grab a hunting or sniper rifle, camp safely on some of the ledges and see what you can accomplish before someone even notices you’re there.

south of sanctuary

The wild spaces around Sanctuary are pretty empty except for a few random loot stashes, but if you want to do some exploring, complete basic quests, or just go fishing, this is a great place to start. You’re close enough to the three islands east of Sanctuary to get some high-rank loot, but far enough away from where the initial action usually takes place. If the first storm circle is further away from Sanctuary, then you can bet no one else will bother you for a while.

East of the Daily Bugle

Another good area is the junction between the Daily Bugle and the coast. This spot is usually pretty quiet, but it also gives you access to several nearby NPCs and the Temple, if you need to stock up. The path itself winds through a sort of shallow valley, making it easy to avoid opponents or set up ambushes. The Daily Bugle itself, with its bountiful loot, is still a popular drop location, so give it a try if you want to pick up some treasure hunters.

South of Tilted Towers

South of Tilted Towers may seem like an unorthodox option, but it has several advantages. For one thing, there’s absolutely nothing there: no NPCs, no landmarks, nothing. While everyone else is running to loot the Towers or explore Reality Falls, you can safely explore the hills and plains. Since this area is almost in the center of the map, it also means that you can easily get into more civilized areas to fill out your inventory as needed.

Wherever your Reality Sprout is

This one might go without saying, but wherever your Reality Sapling is, you should be too, regardless of whether it’s already ready to harvest. Even if you’re hoping for epic or legendary loot, you need to make sure the sapling isn’t weedy and hasn’t fallen victim to another player’s destructive whims.

Ideally, you’ll plant your sapling somewhere out of the way, like some of the more remote locations we suggest or maybe even somewhere even further away, like northwest of Logjam Lumberyard. Either way, once you reap the rewards of your offspring, you’re much better equipped in most cases than you would be if you dropped in somewhere like Rave Cave. If you don’t feel like waiting for weapon fruits to sprout naturally, you can use a shield barrel or sip to make them grow faster.

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