Release date, skins, rewards and more

Release date, skins, rewards and more

The Fortnite Summer Event is a very popular show in the game. Although it doesn’t last long, there is plenty to see and do during this time. In Chapter 2 Season 7, when the aliens visited, the loopers had an alien beach party. This time, the theme is Vibin’.

A few weeks ago, Epic Games released creative mode challenges that were suspected to be the main attraction of the event. However, since there was little to do, they served more as a sneak peek than a full event.

There is now a proper release date for the Fortnite summer event. While not everything has been revealed yet, there is enough information that has been made available by leakers in recent days. This will provide a rough idea of ​​what fans can expect.

Everything known so far about the Fortnite summer event

While some of the information obtained by the leakers is likely to change, most will continue to move forward. With that said, here are all the details about the event:

1) Start date

According to HYPEX, the event will kick off after the update which is currently scheduled for Monday (July 18). Once downtime is over, the Fortnite Summer Event will officially begin. Epic Games will likely show off a cinematic trailer for the occasion.

While there is a start date, it is not known when the event will end. Considering how long the cosmic event lasted, the festivities should last a week or maybe until the end of summer. The developers will announce the exact date soon.

2) Skins and cosmetics

Good morning. These are the skins I personally think Epic will pick for this summer event, based on their appearance and the timing of their poll. I know that they also release skins that are not in the polls, but by no means do they not choose at least 2-3 of these.

Due to the limited information available, it is unclear which skins will be included in the game. While some speculation is afoot, it may or may not manifest itself in the update. That said, there is a skin that can be more or less confirmed.

For those unaware, the latest epic update added a category of unfinished challenges called “Punk Koi Quests”, and “Punk Koi” was Charlotte’s codename from Ch2S8. So this highly requested remix skin will most likely be a quest pack or something for this summer!

According to leakers, Punk Koi was the code name given to Charlotte. The skin was designed by Kitsu and was introduced in the Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass. If the rumors are true, a remixed version of the skin will be added to the Item Shop during the summer event. However, it appears that it may only be available through a special quest pack.

3) Challenges and rewards

We ARE getting new “Effortless Summer Quests”! Quest Line Names: – Effortless Sponsoring – Effortless Marketing – Effortless Product Recall These Summer Missions ARE for Battle Royale!

While some Creative Challenges have been added for the summer season, many new ones will be added soon. These, in particular, will be for the Battle Royale playlist. Given how much players love BR mode, this will be a perfect addition to the event.

Although no information about the rewards has been provided, it is likely that players will receive something for completing all the challenges, which include:

  • Aerosol sprays
  • wrappers
  • A generous amount of XP

4) New point of interest

Hello! Before the Hotfix update later today, the Skatepark has started construction in The Sanctuary and Reality Bloom has officially arrived in Sleepy Sound (ignore the melted buildings)!

After the last update, a large structure off the east coast of the island began to take shape. According to leakers, this is going to be turned into a Skatepark. Since the mechanics of skateboarding are supposedly being worked on in Fortnite, it’s likely they’ll show up here. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

On Monday, after the v21.30 update, this structure will be completed. It will likely serve as the main hub for the Fortnite summer event. There are rumors that a live music event may also take place here. Hopefully leakers will be able to unearth more information on the same over the weekend.

Note: There has been no official confirmation from Epic Games. Therefore, readers should take the information with a grain of salt.

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