Recent leaks hint at a possible collaboration

Recent leaks hint at a possible collaboration

Fortnite launched in 2017 and even five years later, it’s still one of the most popular titles on the…

Fortnite was released in 2017 and even five years later, it is still one of the most popular titles in the world. There are several reasons behind its impeccable success. First, the developers keep the content fresh with the help of progressive history. Second, the collaborative events. The developers have partnered with various names like DC, Marvel, NBA and NFL to bring them to the island. However, the developers continue to implement new collaborations from time to time. Recently, Epic Games has been rumored to be working on a Fortnite x Transformers collaboration. For more news related to the Fortnite collaboration, follow InsideSport.IN

The Transformers franchise is one of the most successful franchises out there on the market. The franchise involving alien robots has proven successful in all of its ventures, be it in the movies or in the action figure series. The story of the franchise also revolves around the fight between good and evil, something similar to what Fortnite has also offered from time to time. With that being said, it’s pretty surprising that Epic Games has taken this long to consider a potential Fortnite x Transformers collaboration.

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Fortnite x Transformers: all the information players need to know

Unlike other developers, Epic Games doesn’t reveal big news right away. Instead, they drop hints and let data miners and other community members speculate on the possibilities. The recent Fortnite x Transformers collaboration is also being teased in various ways by Epic Games.

FortyLeak recently took to social media to come up with a compilation of such clues that indicate a likely Fortnite x Transformers collaboration. It was revealed that Hasbro, the company that partly owns the franchise, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of Transformers.

It should be noted that Epic Games and Hasbro have a wonderful relationship. The two have worked together for several years without a hitch. It is believed that this good relationship between the two can be beneficial for the possible Fortnite x Transformers collaboration.

There are certain changes taking place on the island right now. There is a blue colored structure being built and it is supported by two supports on each side. This resembles a mechanical item that may or may not rotate on the island. However, his presence certainly sparks the Fortnite x Transformers debate.

Fortnite update news drops hints at collaboration

Lastly, Epic Games has recently released the news regarding the v21.30 update which is expected to drop next week. It is quite similar to other version update news. However, the tweet begins with the phrase “It’s prime time!” While it may seem usual, it could also be a hint of the arrival of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots on the island.

Although the leaks point to a possible Fortnite x Transformers collaboration, it is still early to say anything with certainty. There have been many instances where Epic Games have hinted at collaborations that ultimately didn’t happen. So it remains to be seen if Epic Games releases the collaboration in the near future.

For more news related to the Fortnite collaboration, follow InsideSport.IN

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